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Book Notes

Book Notes Title: After The First Death Author: Robert Cormier Date Started: 02/06/00 Date Ended: 03/06/00 The Characters: a) Main Characters Miro: Miro is a teen-age terrorist that came from another country know, in the story, as their “Homeland”. Even Miro himself is uncertain of his age because during the training (Or as they call it, school) age is not important. Te training is preparing them for terrorism. Miro is feeling less and has learned not to give in to the call of nature. For example: Things such as hunger, Restroom needs and most important sleep and tiredness.

In the story Miro is a doubtful teen looking for action. Artkin: Artkin is a very dark and dangerous man. He rescued Miro and his brother from the refugee camps and took them to the school. Artkin is very educated in the sense of terrorism. He taught Miro everything he knows and is the leader of that specific team of “Freedom Fighters”.

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His age and Identity is also unknown Kate: Kate is the victim of the hijacking of the bus. She thinks that all of the terrorists are monsters and don’t deserve to live. Kate has red hair and has freckles. She also has a very weak bladder and often urinates uncontrollably. Miro thinks that most American boys would find her to be attractive.

Ben: Be is the son of one of the head generals that are apart of the operation on stopping these terrorists. Later in the story Ben is the one who is chosen to deliver a message to the terrorist and doing so he barely escapes death. Because of that Ben and his father haven’t spoken for months and maybe even years. Also because Ben told all the information to the terrorists he could no longer live with himself so he committed suicide. There was no real description of Ben because the story was told from his point of view.

Mark: Mark is bens father who feels guilty for forcing Ben to deliver a message to the terrorists and as a result Ben kills him self. At the end Ben and his father has a very deep conversation but of course it is in Marks imagination. Mark is a General for a top-secret military force. He is part of a group know as Fort Delta. He has a very secret life that he can not share with his family.

b) Other characters Antibee: Antibee is a very strong and buff man. He is the watchful eye for the group. He is very skillful at his work. Later he gets shot be one of the snipers in the woods. Stroll: Stroll is the best driver in the country.

He is African American and he is very quiet rarely speaks but when he dose it is very important. Most of the tome he uses gestures instead of words. Sedeete: Sedeete is the leader of the Freedom Fighters. He is even greater than Artkin. Later he is captured and that was the downfall of the operation.

Raymond: Raymond is a little boy who is on the bus. He is the only child who truly knows what is going on because he is awake while all the other kids are asleep. And he also refuses to eat any of the drugged candy and as a result he his killed by Artkin. Setting: In my story there are two settings one is in a dormitory of castle high and the other is the bridge where the hijackers take the bus. Castle High is the high school where the kids of people that are involved with Fort Delta go.

It is a very heavily secured area. That is also the school that Bens father attended. Ben room is one of the biggest in the school because the fast that Bens dad is one of the Generals. My other setting is the bridge. The bridge is the place where the hijackers take the bus full of children.

The bridge is fairly big. It is about 300 yards, or as Miro describes it, 3 American football fields. The bridge has railroad tracks so there are gaps in between the bridges floor. There is also the bus which has taped up windows to unable the soldiers to see any ones face. Plot The story starts off with Ben franticly typing on his type writer.

He frequently stops and looks out the window waiting for his dad because this would be the first time they had seen each other or even spoken to each other since the “bridge”. While Ben is waiting the story moves into the terrorists point of view. The terrorists are standing in the corner waiting for the last child to be picked up by the bus. When the last child is picked up they will hijack the bus and take it to an abandoned bridge. But as they stop the bus they notice that the bus driver is not the usually man who hates kids.

Instead it is the mans niece. Instantly their plan is disrupted but they decide to treat the girl the same way as they would to her uncle. Meanwhile Ben is still waiting for his father who has yet to show up. Ben promises him self that he wont do anything stupid until he discusses it with his father. While Ben waits for his dad he is still frantically typing his journal and thoughts of the whole situation. Now the terrorist have hijacked the bus and gave the driver directions as to were she should go.

The girl follows the orders as given but tries to find some way to escape. When they reached the bridge Artkin, the leader of the group, instructs Miro, A teen apart of the group, to give the kids drugged candy they had prepared before hand. Miro does as instructed by the leader and a while later the kids all fall asleep. Miro was suppose to kill the bus driver as soon as they reached the bridge but since the bus driver wasnt the regular man who hated the kids A …


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