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Body The story was written from the point of view of a grown up person that took a part in the story when he was a child. Gordy tell us about his adventure with his bodys on a search after a dad body. The mission is to find the body of a dead men that be run over by train. In my opinion every one went to this mission with his own personal mission Gordy – wanted to see how a dad body looks like, because he didnt accept his brother’s death, after this event Gordy felt like no one loves him any more in the family and he wanted to prove his father that he is as good as his brother was. Warren – he told to his friend all about the dead body and sagest that all of them will go to find it. He wanted to prove to his brother that he is as good as him.

Teddy – wanted to prove him self in front of his friends thats why he looks for adventures all the time. Cris – wanted to prove that he is better than every one thinks about him and he want to fight against the stigma that the society stick to his all family. They started to walk along the train rode that leads to the place where the body was seen, along the road the friends experience in all kinds of troubles like shortage of food and water, they solve all the troubles in a deferent ways like collecting money from all the members and buying food from the nearest grocery shop. All along the way they supporting each other but, its not stopping them to fight too. One of the problems was to decide whether to walk on the train bridge or to go around it (5 km ) fortunately the train came when they were on the bridge, they got scared and start running Gordy and Warren didnt succeeded to pass train bridge and had to jump over it.

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At night they divided the night into four shifts, every one guarded one shift with the same gun. On the trip they told each other every emotional feeling. The other group decided to find the dead body also. While the youngest group found the body the “adult” group found the body too, they started to argue about the question to whom the body belong to?, the “adult” group started to be violent and to use knifes, the youngest group took out there gun, by doing that they wan the fight. In the end the youngest group decided to leave the body in the place where they found it and call the police and told them about the place were the body is. In the story we saw the brave friendship between Gordy and Cris in a deferent places they let us view about this special friendship: 1.

When it was criss shift gordi joined him and cris seared his feeling about the family stigma and his wish to move to a place were no one knows him. 2. Gordy cry near cris about Gordis father didnt like him anymore. 3. Cris told Gordy that he must stick to his idea to become a writer.

After the adventure every one went to his own way: Gordy- become a good writer Cris- become a lawyer Warren – got married when he was at high-school and he has four children. Teddy – tried go join the army but he was never accepted, he served his time in jail, after his release from jail he got back to town and worked in part time jobs. Liked or didnt like in the story: I liked the friendship between Gordy and Cris, the way that they told theres feeling with each other. I didnt like the fact that along the passing years they didnt stay in touch and they didnt keep there friendship. Interview with Cris (The group leader): 1.

Do you think that the group needed to continue more than it was? – Yes I do, the members of the group were special and they meant very much to me, if we was together anther month it was perfect until we get new friends. 2. When did you stopped your connection with Gordy? – when I was 15 years old, because I left town. 3. Is there a stigma on your family? – yes there is, but I dont feel it any more since I left town. 4. Do you miss the old days? – a little, I miss my friendship with Gordy. 5.

If you were able to turn the wheel back, what would you change? – I would change the fact that we stopped be in touch with Gordy. 6. How did the mission infect your life? – it didnt effect my life, it just help me to know my friends better. 7. Do you remember all the details from the adventure? – Defiantly, I remember every thing from that period.


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