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Bill Become A Law

Bill Become A Law Rewrite #1 As a bill is on the highway to become law, there are two great obstacles that stand in the way of this process. The first hurdle being the power of many top committee chairs to delay voting and even pigeon hole bills. The second hurdle is for the president to sign the bill. These are the two main hurdles that stand in the way of a bill becoming a law. After a bill has reached a committee, the main obstacle that stands in the way is the committee chair. The chair has the power and authority to pigeon hole a bill or simply put it aside and delay the opportunities for debate on the bill. This allows for the opposition to not have to deal with the bill for a sustained amount of time. For instance since most bill die in committee, one of the focuses for a bill that is likely not to be passed is so the supporters can get publicity and can say they acted on or did something for the bill and its purpose(s).

While in the committee, the chair is the figure with the most control and ability. If he/she opposes a bill, then the likelihood of its passing becomes less and less. This is a major obstacle because of its supreme role in the whole process, and as a result many of the bills introduced into committees, never make it out. The second major obstacle is the signing of the bill by the president. The president usually acts in the manner most favorable to his party, so it is that party that recieves the benefit of his holding office. However the president also acts in the manner most favorable to the nation, so he has the ability to control many bills.

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For instance many bills that that embody a clear, appealing idea (stop drugs, help old folks), usually make out quite well by the time it makes it to the presidency. But those bills that have been passed by a party that is opposite the president may often be vetoed. Thus causing a momentary stop in the entire process in becoming law. The presidency is an extremely unique and important step in the process, because he has the final say on the billuntil it may go back for the 2/3s override. These two obstacles are quite different, one is at the very forefront of the whole process while the other is at the possible endyet these two areas do share a common bond.

That is they both are hurdles in the act of a bill becoming a law.


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