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.. l girl in town. I will get her good. Just wait and see. **** The weeks went by.

My friends gave me hell. They kidded me about being the hot stud who thought a girl like Jenny would actually be interested in me. I laughed about it with them. Inside, I was on fire. I had heard she had told all her new friends what a geek I was. She told them everything I had said to her.

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It made me look like some kind of freak. I was really only trying to be nice to her. She is the one that kissed me. I wouldn’t have had the nerve to do anything on my own. Why does she tell everyone about me? I was only trying to help. She needs to keep her mouth shut, but she wont.

Maybe I can help her out with that problem. The ribbing finally dies down. Jay and Bob get back to normal and we start hanging out just like we did before Jenny came to town. There are more exciting things to talk about in school these days. Two of the senior football players disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to them either.

It is the great mystery of our little town. There is a lot of speculation about what happened to them. The police have come up with no clues. The two missing football players were dumb asses anyway. They probably thought it would be cool to see Hawaii, got drunk and tried to swim there.

It would serve the right. Jenny is very popular now. She is running for home coming queen and will probably win. She dated both of the missing football players at one time or another. She is putting on a good show of being upset they are gone. She’s probably just playing it up for a sympathy vote.

I don’t think a girl like her really gives a *censored* about anyone but herself. I thought my anger toward her was dying down, but seeing her act so innocent really has brought it back strong. She went over the line last week when she told her friends that I might know something about the football players missing. She said I was a weird enough geek; I might do something strange to them. The police even came to my house and asked me questions about them. It was a good thing for me that I hardly knew the two football players.

Jay and Bob happened to be with me every night before the football players turned up missing. I had a great alibi. There was no way I could be suspected of anything. If Jenny thinks I’m weird and would do something like that she has a lot to learn. I cant wait to see her face when I visit her in the middle of the night.

I don’t think she will think she is so hot then. Pay-backs are hell. **** I’d really love to mess up her face, maybe cut off her tits, do anything to make her feel like the geek she has portrayed me out to be. If I could take away her looks, she would be nothing. That would be the ultimate revenge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that without her seeing me.

I don’t want to be caught. It would be sweet seeing her face contorted in pain, knowing what I was doing to her, and having her beg for mercy. I have to resist the temptation. I don’t want to ruin my life just to get back at that bitch. Unfortunately for her, that means she will not live through it.

There will be no witnesses at all. Revenge will be sweet. I plan my strategy well. I can make it to her house with no one seeing me in just a few minutes. Her bedroom window is easy to get to.

I have watch her through it many times through my own bedroom window. Hey, she might be a bitch, but she still looks good. Her window is on the second floor, but there are easy to climb lattices on the side of the house that lead right to the roof by her window. The timing will be easy too. Her parents always go out on Thursday to the local bingo parlor. They are devout Catholics, doing their best to support the church.

Maybe I’ll leave a few marks on her for them. Just a few lines, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Bingo! She’s dead! **** The night is here. It will happen. I’ve planned too well to fail.

I will do it quickly, but slow enough to let her see who is doing it to her. The bitch doesn’t know who she is *censored*ing with. She will soon learn. I wait until her parents are gone, and her light goes out. I watched through my window as she got ready for bed.

It’s too bad she has to die, she really is one hot looking slut. It’s too bad she hasn’t the personality to go with the body. It’s no great loss to the world though. She is pure slime in my book. My knives are sharp. I slide them in their my canvass bag, blade to handle alternating so they wont bang together and make any noise.

I slide out the back door and make my way through the hedges to the street. There is no street light on, it seems some vandals broke it the night before last. It’s great the city is so efficient at maintenance. I wait till there are no cars and make a dash across the street. The bushes at the side of Jenny’s house make perfect cover.

I decide to wait for a while to make sure there is no noise from inside the house. All is quiet. I can continue my mission. Slowly, I climb the lattice. Rung by rung, I’m careful to not make a sound.

I roll onto the roof, lay flat, and listen. Nothing. It is safe to proceed. Her window is open a crack. Thank you for thinking of me Jenny, you are going to make this very pleasant. Inch by inch I pry the window open.

There is no hurry. I have plenty of time. I glance around one last time to make sure no one has seen me, then silently step through he window opening. I take a moment to adjust to the lack of light inside her room. When I can see well enough, I step toward the bed.

She is there, and still beautiful. For a moment I have second thoughts about destroying such beauty. Then I remember that beauty is only skin deep, and she is hideous underneath. She will now pay for all her sins. I guess she thought being catholic and going to confession would take care of all of that.

That’s not so, Jenny. It’s time to meet your new confessor. I remove my knives from my bag, slowly, silently. She must not know until the time is at hand. I have figured one plunge to the abdomen will injure her enough to immobilize her, while I take my time making her pay for what she has done to me.

Just in case, I have brought some duct tape to cover her mouth. If she can still scream after the first plunge, I don’t want the neighbors to hear. I’m ready now. Her time has come. I move closer.

My large knife is in hand. I slowly move her blankets down to expose my target. She wears nothing but panties. Should I do more to torture her? Tempting, but no, I have a mission to accomplish. I can’t let thoughts of sex interrupt my plan. I am in position.

I raise the knife. It glimmers in the moonlight. How romantic this could be. I take my aim, and it is true. I concentrate on the goal and plunge the blade.

There is little resistance to the entry. Perfect. No bones are hit. I will have time to make her feel every cut. Her eyes open wide. It is odd.

I don’t see pain in that deep blue sea. I see more annoyance, and hatred. That is not want I wanted. I want her to feel it, to know what pain she has caused me. Is she such a bitch she can feel no pain at all.

She stares right at me, she knows my intent. She doesn’t seem scared. Her eyes almost show contentment. I pause, a little confused. I expected a much different reaction.

I cant believe what I am seeing. Her eyes almost grin. Her eye’s start to brighten, the corners of her mouth curl, not to start to scream, but to smile. They lips continue to spread wider to show me the teeth that seem a mile wide. They are long, sharp, and glisten with red.

This can’t be real, it is not what I planned. She must be in pain. The red, I must have hit a lung with my knife. She continues to smile, and I know I am wrong. I understand now. She isn’t just a bitch.

It must come natural to one of her kind. If only I could somehow leave here now, I could solve the mystery of the two missing football players. They’re not missing, they’re dead.


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