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Background And Methodology

Background And Methodology Introduction: Background and Methodology As a research associate of Noah-Dankel research, I have been assigned the task of comparing the occurrence of criminal activities in Carterton to the crime in similar cities. In order to get an accurate comparison; several factors had to be taken into consideration. The type of crimes committed (crimes against people and crimes against property), the population of each city and the percent change in numbers of crimes in the previous year. Summary The records show that Carterton is indeed experiencing increases in crime that are similar to increases other cities are being challenged with. The numbers also show us that Carterton has seen a much larger rise in crimes against property.

The most significant increases are in robberies and auto theft. There has been 293% increase in robberies over the past year. Carterton has also experienced 58% increase in auto theft. The other cities examined did not experience such noticeable increases in these categories. The total percent change of Cartertons crime rates is very similar to those of other cities due to low increases or decreases in crimes against people.

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Preview In this report I will illustrate how the crime problems in Carterton compare with those of four other cities in the area; Worthburg, Alden, Gannville, and Idelton. I will divide the types of crimes into two categories; crimes against people and crimes against property. I will compare the crime rates by examining the statistics from last year and the year before and examining percent change between the two years. The main motive behind this project is to report how Cartertons crime problems compare with those of other cities. Findings Crimes against people Carterton had a 20% increase in homicides in the last year.

This increase is very comparable to the increases other cities have seen. Idelton showed the highest increase at 64%. Alden experienced little change with only a 5% increase. Worthburg experience a 58% increase while Gannville experienced a 15% increase. Cartertons incidents of rape are also right in the middle with an increase of 6%. Both Ganneville and Idelton saw less rape this year than the year before with 24% and 9% respectively. Worthburg experienced the highest increase of 16% and Alden experienced an increase of 14%.

Robbery is the crime that these cities are seeing the highest increases in. Carterton experienced a 2935 increase in robbery over the previous year. This is a higher increase than any of the other cities experienced. Worthburg saw a 29% increase. Aldens highest increase in crime was also in robberies. Alden saw a 73% increase over the previous year. Gannville and Idelton saw 43% and 32% increases respectively.

Aggravated assult cases were the least problem area for all of the cities. Worthburg showed the highest increase with 20%. Alden and Ganneville showed very similar increases with 14% and 13% in the last year. Ideltons assault cases dropped 10% while Carterton showed the most dramatic decrease of 30%. Crimes against property Auto theft proved to be fastest growing property crime problem for Carterton, Worthburg and Idelton. Carterton experienced a 58% increase in auto theft over the past two years. Worthburg experienced a 66% increase while Idelton experienced a 55% percent increase.

Alden and Gannville also experienced increases of 17% and 34%. Theft proved to be the least problem of each of these cities. Carterton experienced a 4% increase, Worthburg experienced a 14% increase and Idelton showed a 4% increase. Both Gannevill and Alden showed decreases in the amount of theft they experienced. Ganneville showed an 8% decrease while Alden experienced a 7% decrease.



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