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Awareness about domestic violence is very important for all of us

Awareness about domestic violence is very important for all of us. Domestic violence is known as family violence as well. The violence is committing against family member by an offender who is related to victim either biological or legal, such as by marriage or through adoption. Mostly domestic violence survivors face hard obstacle in their lives. Certainly, millions of women are living in abusive relationship, and I truly believe that there are numerous effects on those women and kids who are facing domestic violence on daily bases.
The first effect of domestic violence is that victim is being abused physically and mentally. The effect of physical abuse can be severe and far-reaching. Instant physical abuse could be slapped, burned, cut, and bruised. Physical abuse can happen to adult of any age. It often occurs when wife is prettier than a husband, and husband gets frustrated about his wife’s epiphany. In mostly cases, husband gets wild and start hitting his wife. In many cultures, for instant, men considered superior than women, so they think that hitting is not tantamount to physical abuse. Many women find so hard to go for their daily routine. As a result, due to physical abuse many of them are absent from work. They do not meet with family and friends because of too ashamed of the behavior they are facing off. Consequently, an abuser gets more

courage to behave in same manner. Excess of physical abuse leads to mental illness. That mental illness could be depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, severe nightmare etc. Many women find it difficult to function in daily routine, and faces health problems like Post Traumatic Stress Disordered, eating disorder, and Insomnia. Low self- esteem is not letting her to face a world. Also, it reduces the quality of one’s life in different aspects.
The second effect of domestic violence is that many women lose their trust on happy relationships. Trust is very important key between a couple. If there is no trust, the relationship starts breaking off. An abusive man usually denies about their abuse, and that is how problems occur in relationship. For instance, domestic violence has become an epidemic, that needs to be addressed. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United State alone. It means 1 in 3 women have been victims of some form of domestic violence. Due to this abuse, many women suffer permanent emotional and natural damage. This damage can consist of lack of trust, depression, isolating yourself, affect your relationship with your kids, family, and friends in a very negative and hostile way. Living with these toxic emotions can cause you to neglect or harm your kids and family, which can ultimately lead to severe damages in one’s sanity. This kind of torture can also lead into serious level of isolation, which makes trusting someone almost impossible. Victims of domestic violence have seen what their own loved ones can do to harm them, which is why they steer clear turn others.
The third and last devastating effect of domestic violence is that in mostly cases kids are exposed to violence. Domestic violence exists in many homes and affects millions of children nationwide. The children, who are not the ones being abused but, are victims of domestic

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violence ae well. As a result, children who grow up with domestic violence become anxious. They are always on guard watching and waiting for the next event to occur. They never know what will trigger their abuse, so they never feel save. Therefore, they are constantly worried for themselves, their mother, and their sibling. Living in this kind of situation force the children to learn how to survive, and traumatizes them for the rest of their life. Furthermore, growing up with abusive parent will leave them with anger, depression, fear, guilt, embarrassment, and humiliation etc.
Domestic violence is a laden on many sectors of the social system. It is not only affecting on current generation. Consequently, it starts as an assault by on person to another, and in future reverse back to family, friend, and the community. It is so devastating that many victims have no awareness, and they are facing many hardships in abusive relationship. This situation is discrete and not acceptable for all those victims who are facing domestic violence.


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