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Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

As Austin Powers says “Yeah baby” that is how I would say that describe this movie perfectly. Mike Myers stars in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery the movie. This box office hit had wild reviews, but I don’t believe it matters what the makers of the movie say. Its what the average person says listen to this quote by Leonard Bellefeuille” The first time I saw Austin Powers I nearly fell off my chair laughing so hard” I will have to agree with Mr. Bellefeuille it was a hilarious movie. I believe you will agree with Mr. Bellefeuille, and me. please read the following paragraphs and te’ll me what you think.

When Austin Powers arch enemy Dr. Evil gets cryogenically frozen in the sixty’s Austin has to be frozen also so that when Dr. Evil returns he will still be able to still be a secret agent of the British empire.

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When Austin powers gets thawed out in the ninety’s, Dr. Evil has had time to start thinking of a way to get one hundred billion dollars by holding the world hostage with a nuclear war head encased in a giant drill this diabolical scheme is called “Project Vulcan”. Austin Powers is the only one that can save the world from total annihilation from Dr. evil, and project Vulcan. While this is happening Dr. Evil is having a problem with his son. Nick and his father Dr. Evil go to a group for help. While austin is having his own problems with his partner.
Austin Powers is really not concentrating on his task at hand. Right now he is concentrating on his female counter spy. Austin is still sleeping off the effects of being froze but he just cant get his partner to go to bed with him, and not be disgusted by his presence witch has never happened to him. After going to the casino Austin and his partner got drunk at the motel Austin’s partner wanted to sleep with him, but Austin couldn’t do it when they were both drunk. Then he got the call to sneak into A.V’s penthouse.

Before Austin Powers can foil Dr. Evil’s plan for royal destruction he has to steal the plans for project Vulcan from Dr. Evils 2nd in command #2’s accountant at her penthouse. After Austin steals the plans for project Vulcan he has to stop Dr. Evil and his fem bots from destroying planet earth as we know it. As Austin and his female partner chase Dr. Evil into the freezer, only for him to return again. At the end of this movie Austin gets married to his female partner and live happily ever after.

Conclusion:As Austin said in the movie ” Yeah baby” I do think this phrase describes this movie well. I believe that you and the majority of the people that see this movie will agree that this movie is the funniest thing since the clown. I also believe that you and who ever has not saw this movie should. Like Leonard said in the beginningThe first time I saw Austin Powers I nearly fell off my chair laughing so hard. See this movie if you see any movie. It will knock your socks off.


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