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Aristocracy In Britain

.. hard loved Mariah. However he was a little casanova and everyone in Britain knew that or it can be everyone in the entire world because he was so worldwide popular. He did a wrong terrible thing in his vocation, wrong to Mariah terrible to that girl in the Island. He was very attracted to that girl when he first saw her.

She was topless and lying on the sand like a beautiful mermaid at the beach. She had yellowish green cat eyes and red hair, which shined like the Moon at night. Therefore, she captured Richardss attention. She was gorgeous and was the daughter of the famous media owner man, Richard Murdoch. She was surrounded by lots of bodyguards so it was very hard to get her attention. He could not get near her, even when he told he was Prince Richard, the grand child of Queen Elizabeth.

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Finally when he was shouting to the bodyguards, she got up wore the top of her bikini and looked what the hell that handsome boy was trying to do. She wore her sunglasses and stared the boy. She said: So what the hell are you trying to do, boy? Do you know who the hell one are you talking to, I am Prince Richard Windsor, the grand child of the Queen Elizabeth. said Richard angrily. He never was insulted and mocked more in his life.

She took her sunglasses out and blinked her eyes six-seven times. Yeah she remembered this boys photo from the Time magazine, which she was holding in her hand. She looked at the cover of the magazine and to the boy. She was almost going to faint. The boy she was dealing with was really Prince Richard and he was in front of him topless in this beach.

She was really a lucky girl. You damn people! she shouted to her bodyguards. I am fed up with your personality. How can you crazy bastard people can do such a thing to his honour Prince Richard? Now go away and leave us alone or I am gonna fire you all and send you to your fat wives. She turned to Prince Richard and said very soft and gently, I am too sorry majesty but they are too dumb.

How can they know very important people like you. She was playing the protocol games very clever and with no mistake. She looked directly to Richards eyes and Richard was almost going to faint at that moment. He had a terrible desire to meet and go out with this girl. However there was Mariah and he was dating with her Darling, Richard! I asked you questions about your holiday, remember? How was it? said Mariah suspiciously. She was sure Richard did a bad thing there.

Wont you have a good answer to comfort me? Now Richard was in a terrible situation. What was he going to say her? It was a typical day since Queen Elizabeth wanted to go shopping. She had her breakfast, done her daily aerobic exercises and had a look at her pets. Suddenly she wanted to spend money even her breakfast usually costs $490 a day and her pets $7000 a month. She said to a maid who was near her: I want to go out and shop a little, do what you are supposed to do now! In a minute it is ready, majesty said the maid respectfully. She hated this job.

If there was no good money in this job she would quit and go to even India for to be off in England because it was very difficult and she was insulted too much. It was hard because you should obey and also obey quickly and do what you were told as if it was an emergency. These aristocrat people want always obedience and quickness. Now in a minute she should guess what the Queen may want when she is outside, collect the bodyguards and tell them the program which was the hardest thing because there were 80 bodyguards of the Queen, find the Queens secretary and make an update of the Queens wants, find good drivers and select the best limousines and ready those big things and after all find the Queen in this huge palace and tell her she can go whenever she wants. Therefore, she began to run and do all those things. She was thinking of the sweet $9000 she will get for this month.

This should make her a little happy When she got finished all of these things, she could not find the Queen in the palace. She searched for her in every room but she could not find her. While she was running to find her, a huge crowd of people got out of the lunchroom. There was the queen. She looked at her very sharply and said: Where have you been? It is been five minutes and you still did not reply to my order.

This palace is not the White House where you can do whatever you want in an oval shaped room Your majesty, I made everything ready in one minute but in the last four minutes I was searching for her majesty the Queen. said the maid sorrowfully. and who the hell she is important than me? the Queen said angrily. The maid was about to laugh and finally the Queens daughter, Princess Diana, smiled and said: The Queen is you mum! Oh, right so if everything is ready lets go and shop a little girls! The shops are waiting for us, the customers said the Queen to her daughters, Princess Diana and Danielle. Countess Annette nodded: Can I come with you, your majesty? Offcourse you can darling.

the Queen answered. Finally they were dressed up, wore their jewellery, emptied one bottle of expensive perfume to their body and get on their Gucci shoes. They were ready to go and spend some money. Now do not think that some money is about $10000 for them. Their shopping will cost $50000 today. In addition, spending $50000 in a few hours to nothing will not satisfy them .


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