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Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton ANNE SEXTON Her Kind This is a poem that is filled with imagery that the author uses to identify the reader with what I feel were personal stresses in her own life. In class we talked about Anne as an emotionally challenged women who couldnt cope with every day life. The Title of the poem suggests by saying Her that she is talking about someone else that she could relate to. However I think that instead she might have been talking about her self. Through out the poem she shows the Worlds view of the witch and then gives her own feelings on the subject such as I have been her kind and A woman like that is not a woman at all.

All the stanzas have seven lines and all have the same last line. It seems that the stanzas slowly lead up to some kind of explanation to the way women are treated. Through out the poem the tone is a dreary one. We are taken through the story relating to the witch and agreeing with the fact that these obscene gestures by the witch, waving my nude arms at villages going by are some how warranted. It is obvious that that the symbolism and metaphor shows us a witch and I think also these metaphors relate to the author and how she feels she is labeled.

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In the first stanza we get a picture of classical views of what a witch symbolizes, and this then tells me how Anne must feel. She says braver at night/ over the plain houses light by light. I think this is saying that she is more comfortable at night, maybe in seclusion, and looks down on the average normal home light by light and sees that as been the norm and want nothing to do with it. I think she feels different than the rest and the fact that she uses dark and light might even say she might even feel evil. She even states she is out of mind which is what I think shes saying to show she is different and she feels that is how she is looked at and sarcastically says that she cant be the ideal woman.

The second stanza seems different to me. It seems to be more symbolic of her own life. I see a witch, maybe herself obsess with the arranging of her so-called cave. I think this is symbolic of her home life and shows everyones image of an ugly witch in a cave doing ugly witch things. I think this is how she felt about the average housewife in that she says, A woman like that is misunderstood.

I think she meant that the average housewife is fooling herself. Its like she took a pause right in the middle of the poem to let the reader know whom she was talking about. She was letting everybody know she couldnt stand the fact that she had to make a happy home just to get right with society. The third stanza I feel shows the anger she felt towards society. She defies her driver as if to through it in his face that she is a witch by throwing her naked arms.

She relates her torment to a like medieval time when witches were burned at the stake and beaten just for who they were, and my ribs crack were your wheels wind. I think here she has made it through the torture and the ride home hurts do to her injuries. But never the less she made it and is not ashamed. I think she laughs at the women who deny their own impulses and feels that is what is truly ugly.


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