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Angelas Ashes

Angelas Ashes Analysis I think that Angela’s Ashes relates to the historical theme of Change, Cooperation and conflict, relation to environment, and movement. This novel was a memior about Frank McCourt and all the hardships that he endured. He had to deal with the deaths in his family, his way of living, his family’s poverty and his father’s alcoholism. Thorughout this novel there are many things which bring the feeling of sadness to the reader’s mind. There were many changes in his life, in the beginning there are six family members.

Suddenly, a new girl is born Margaret. Margaret excites the entire family because she is the only girl with her brothers Frank, Malachy,Oliver and Eugene ( the twins). Soon Margaret is not well and dies unexpectedly. Next the twins die. There are a total of 3 deaths in the first chapterof the novel, so you can see how these deaths bring suffering to the family. I took this idea as a Change & movement, there is a change in there family.

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After Margaret dies Malachy and Angela decide to move back to Ireland to live a better life but instead it changes and they lead a worse life. Another aspect of Movement was that Frank’s dream was to move to America. Franky decides when he is fourteen that he will be able to save up enough money to move back to America by the time he is eighteen. He works very hard but is forced to give most of his money to his mother for food. When his father leaves, Frank becomes the man of the house and is forced to feed the family. He cooperates with his mother to make it through the hard times.

Well this isn’t exactly a war but, it is a conflict between life an death (hunger). By having to deal with their way of living I mean that they didn’t live in a very clean environment. Well they did live in the ghetto. They could have lived with Angela’s mother but unfortunately she did not accept her Son-in-law. She always mentioned that he was a protestant plus he was from the north part of Ireland and it was a disgrace that her daughter had married him.

Catholics and Protestents don’t agree with eachother. Well, Angela and her family lived in a house near the putrid smells of the lavatory that was used by the entire street to empty their chamber pots. They could only afford to live in a house of bad conditions. Their beds were full of fleas, they changed and washed their clothes once every month, they sometimes had to go through trash cans to look for food. The People of Limmerick, Ireland, where the family mainly resides, have many strong prejudices against the poor.

The family is constantly tormented because of shabby clothes or poor housing and having to ask charities for help. The store managers try to cheat the poor out of the full amount of food they are to be given. Also, the religious of Limmerick discriminate against poor children as in the case when Frank McCourt tries to become an alter boy but is denied. Mrs.McCourt explains why he is denied by saying They don’t want boys from lanes on the alter. Oh, no they want the nice boys with hair oil and new shoes that have fathers with suits and ties and steady jobs(149).

The McCourt family is constantly aware of the discrimination it faces because of the poverty they live in. I relate this to Realtion to the environment. Speech and Communications.


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