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Andy Rooney And God

Andy Rooney And God Frasier In and of Ourselves We Trust Andy Rooney Meanings and Values: 1. The idea of a contract we all have with each other in Andy Rooney’s article, In and of Ourselves We Trust, reprinted from the Tribune Media Services, is that each one of us will behave himself ensuring both justice and freedom for all. How do we achieve this? We achieve this stability by obeying the law, both social and legal, whether there are police or witnesses present or not. 2. I also think that there are a number of laws that are ignored or not included in that contract for some reason.

Drivers speed, perhaps, because speeding is acceptable to most people. Cheating on a test and drinking underage also seem to fall under this heading. Are these exceptions connected to a certain age group? Is the desired result more important than the danger? Perhaps Mr. Rooney brings up speeding because he wants us to examine the reasons for the exceptions. Another example is people knowing they shouldn’t steal yet will take pens and umbrellas, or most parents would sue any stranger hitting their child, yet most parents slap their own children for minor misdeeds.

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Don’t get me started! 3. The title, In and of Ourselves We Trust, is a play on the phrase stamped on our coins, In God We Trust. Instead of trusting in an external force, we trust each other. Cinema and Television.


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