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Analysis Of Childrens Fairy Tales

Analysis of Children’s Fairy Tales Week 1-Fairy Tales I was fascinated by reading fairy tales, especially the ones by the Brothers Grimm. By analyzing them according to the protagonists, settings , themes, and occurrences I have noticed many similarities in the fairy tales. I found the protagonists of all the stories to be mystical and mysterious. Many of the protagonists tended to be characters such as Kings and Queens and other authority figures. Perhaps this was so the children could look up to them.

Second of all I noticed that there was always something unique about the protagonists that made them different from people in the ordinary world. I read a variety of protagonists such as hunters, poor peasants, a lazy girl, three little men, and a Miller and his wife. I did not read one fairy tale that had a plain and ordinary type of protagonist. In the way of settings I again noticed that most of the settings were peculiar in some way or another. Rarely would I read of a setting of an ordinary place such as what you and I may live in. they always had something mystical about them. Only places that children dreamed about were used. These were places such as palaces, and Kingdoms, mystical forests or a witches castle. One story was of a lonely cabin located in a mystical forest.

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I suppose places like these were used to provoke the children imagination. Many of the themes I found to be quite common. I quite often found them to be about a boy and a girl and them getting together. There was also usually some sort of a competition were the protagonist would win and get the girl. The boy and the girl were often a prince and a princess.

In almost all fairy tales the protagonist was put in a situation where there was a problem. In Cinderellas case she had no money and three wicked step sisters. How was she to get the prince to notice her. In Snow white, her beauty was the problem as the wicked witch grew jealous. In some of the stories by Grimm such as “Thousandfurs”, the king had to marry someone as beautiful as his deceased wife.

The only one beautiful enough was his only daughter. This posed a problem for his daughter. The journeys were usually of mystical places. Some of them were journeys that used a great deal of imagination. They were often journey’s that occurred in dreams. One journey that really caught my attention was the one that occurred in “Darling Roland”. It was about a witch that wanted to kill her step daughter because she possessed a beautiful apron that the other daughter envied.

By accident the witch killed the wrong daughter and ended up chasing the other daughter through the country side. Both possessed special powers and were using them in the chase. At one point the step daughter turned herself into a duck and her darling Roland ( the apron ) turned into a lake. Talk about strange. The story went on and on with strange journey’s such as this.

Many of the journey’s that I read about were quite out of the ordinary. I also wanted to note that I found that there was a lot of violence in these childrens stories. In the ” Darling Roland” the wicked witch “..gripped the axe in both hands and chopped her own child’s head off.” A fairy tale is a simple narrative that usually deals with supernatural beings, such as fairies, magicians, ogres, and dragons. Fairy tales are generally of a folk origin and are written or told for the amusement of children. The more sophisticated narratives contain supernatural and sometimes highly improbable events, scenes and events.

They often have whimsical, satirical, or moralistic character. They are usually a story that is implausible, incredible, or a lying story that was designed to delude or mislead. Fairy tales are very important in the way that it is a way to get through to children. Because of the way that fairy tales are presented they became easy for the child to pay attention to. Fairy tales become a learning medium that children are interested in.

Writers take advantage of this learning medium to try and get through to the children. They try to employ learning experiences and lessons within the stories. Often the hero of a fairy tale can leave a strong impression on the child and imprint morality on him. Fairy tales are a way to get ideas through to the children as well as a way to get the children to willingly use their brains and apply their imagination skills. Interviews Alison-Age 8 Favourite Fairy Tales- memorable details Three little pigs -huffing and puffing at the pigs door -everyone ended up in the well built house of brick. Jason-Age 6 Jack and the beanstalk -Jack climbing up to take back the things that the giant stole form them.

Jack chopped the stalk and the giant fell to his death. Snow White -He remembers the seven dwarfs and how they were helping Snow White. -The wicked witch that gave the apple that put snow white to sleep. -Mirror mirror on the wall -The prince that awoke snow white Mandy-Age 10 The sleeping Beauty: -She pricked her finger on a spindle -The wicked witch that poisoned the spindle -The vines that grew around the sleeping castle -The Prince that awoke the sleeping beauty Cinderella -Wicked step sisters, and step mother -Bibbity Bobbity Boo -The grand ball -Fairy God Mother and how she turned the pumpkin into a coach -Had to be back by midnight -Prince came around looking with a shoe I noticed that the children seemed to notice all of the mystical and unnatural things. This proves that it is good to employ this into a story because this is what the children remember. Fairy Tale Outlines Jasper the Unicorn -There once was a unicorn named Jasper -Used to run through the forest playing with the others -as they grew so did their horns only Jasper’s didn’t -others had horns 3 feet long -Jaspers was only six inches long -all laughed at him -the girls didn’t even talk with him -he was an outcast -one day the unicorns were cloud hopping -one of the older unicorns slips and passes out- he is falling -jasper flies up and rescues him. -everybody was thankful -he gets accepted -judge by what’s inside Robby Robin -Gold breasted robin -can sing more beautiful than anything -only 2 in the world-one male one female -when they sang-flowers and trees grew all around -When little Robby Robin was born he was to carry on the tradition but when he sang, only horrible sounds came out -tries and tries until one day he is finally successful -never give up Cocky Peacock -There once was a cocky peacock -had the most beautiful feathers and he knew it -he believed that he was not only the best looking but he was also the best at everything else.

-He used to brag to everyone -no one liked him -one day when he was bragging one of his tail feathers lost all of it’s colours -he bragged again and the same thing happened -soon had only 3 coloured feathers left -he had little to brag about -realized what was happening -stopped bragging- began growing coloured feathers again -never bragged again- and had all the friends in the world Jasper the Unicorn Long, long ago unicorns onece roamed the earth. They could often be seen playing in the grassy fields or prancing among the clouds. The younger ones used to stay on the ground. Now and then they would take flight in the air but for only short periods of time as they were unsure of themselves. They would play games all day long while the female unicorns looked on. Sometimes a female unicorn would step into the grassy meadows with hope that some young children would come talk with her.

A young unicorn named jasper was always eager to go talk with the ladies. As the years went by the younger unicorns began to mature. They got more muscular and their horns began to grow at a rapid pace. Some had horns that were three feet long. The longer and better that the horns were, the more that the male unicorn was liked.

At this point Jasper was really depressed, Jasper was the same age as all the other young unicorns but his horn had not developed yet. It remained only a foot long. Whenever any of the unicorns passed him they all seemed to stare at him. When they played their unicorn games and the females walked out on to the grassy meadows, Jasper as always tried walking towards them. Only this time when they saw Jasper they turned away. Soon the other unicorns wouldn’t even allow jasper to play with them.

Now as the unicorns continued to get older they began to get more daring and moved their playing grounds to the sky. Their favourite game was to cloud hop. Because Jasper didn’t feel accepted he used to sit under a large oak tree and watched the other unicorns as they cloud hopped. One day when Jasper was watching on he noticed that one unicorn wasn’t jumping as high as the other unicorns. Jasper thought maybe he was just tired. He continued watching, only more intensely.

This time he saw the unicorn slip and he had started falling towards the earth. The unicorn had passed out. Jasper wasted no time and quickly got to his feet. He leaped into the air and raced after the falling unicorn. He reached out and caught the unicorn by the back of the neck with his horn and gently brought the unicorn to safety on the ground. The unicorn awakened and thanked Jasper gratefully. All of the other unicorns raced down to see if Jasper and the unicorn were alright. They all thanked Jasper.

They were grateful too. Then one of the unicorns stepped forward. “Would you like to join us in our cloud hopping?” Jaspers face lit up. He didn’t even hesitate. As all of the other unicorns leaped into the air, so did Jasper.

He was finally being accepted for who he was and not by the size of his horn. Then Jasper saw one of the girls walk out towards the edge of the cloud. Jasper hesitated and then began walking towards the female unicorn, only this time she did not turn away. Childrens Reactions I read this to three of my younger cousins when were over. There were three boys and one girl aged six to nine. At first when i started reading they were a little distracted but as I got into the story they were very attentive.

They seemed to be enjoying it. When the unicorn started to fall, David (the youngest, age:6) yelled out Oh Oh! This proved to me that they were really listening to what I had to say. I believe I was successful in getting my story across. Wizard of Earthsea by: Ursula Le Guin Imagery of Light and Dark poem in the beginning only in silence the word, only in dark the light, only in dying life: bright the hawks flight on the empty sky -The creation of Ea p14-“Smoke spread and filled the darkness of the hut”.-witches hut”.-witches hut-evil-dog was black Then the water thrown on the fire. Smoke clears. The true name of the falcon taught. Clear room-goodness “hunt a shadow over land and Sea to the lightness coasts of deaths kingdom -dark and death First steps on his journey ” bright road”-hope “fog that hid distances and dangers..” grey and bright -white hallows flowers-healing flowers -The innocent daughter of the old Lord of Re Albi wore a white shirt-white skinned-black hair-1/2 witch p34 reading a spell and opens his eyes- everything is dark- evil sensed p35 “danger surrounds power as shadow does light” danger–shadow power—light p43 “I saw no light” -no hope ship named “shadow”-evil ship p48 Archnage Nemmerle- hair, beard + robe white -years leached out the darkness-wisdom-goodness p92 Needs to gain strength but does not want to be sent out in the dark..

p98 “..terrible power outside the laws of the sunlit world.” goodness, safety, tranquillity p112 “White dusk Ged’s uneasiness always grew”. Darkness associated with fear. p113 Dead of Hode- “Day break makes all earth and sea, from shadow brings forth form, driving dream to the dark kingdom. dark soul-weakness, unce …


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