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After The War Of Henrettas Fairyportas

After the War of Henrettas & Fairyportas After the carnage between Henrettas & Fairyportas the all-powerful mortal called Stefhan voyaged back to his hometown of Henrettas to celebrate victory for his town. Stefhan and his men, called Henrettasains, traveled by bus to get home. During the trip home, Stefhan and his men were ordered by the god Athena undertake some new missions. The missions were to steal the most valuable possession of the Webestere, which was the dead chiefs’ breastplate, and to defeat them in war. Webestere Warriors were the greatest of the warriors. Stefhan and his men were also to steal the most valuable thing of the of the Pottsfordie Royals.

The Pottsfordie Royals were the fiercest of all the armies. They only believed in one God. In all the statues he was always guarded by one animal the royal cow. The God name was Peaches. The Henrettas had to retrieve the royal cow and give it the god Athena for there next missions. There next was only known by Athena. The only way they could get the cow is by invading and killing all the soldiers and then take it. When they got to Webstere, they got attacked right away.

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So after losing two-hundred men’s Stefhan was forced to use Plan B. Plan B was to get more men to help win this war. Three days later they came and started to kick some butt. So far five-hundred men were killed in the battle. Five days later the war was over and Stefhan and men took the dead chief’s breastplate and left.

After there victory the raided the closet bar to get some food and beer. A day after the war was over, they left for Pottsfordie. Going to Pottsfordie the crew ran into Athena. She said to the men give me the breastplate and go to the mission. A day after that the men got to Pottsfordie.

Little did Stefhan know his evil little Bradford wads in charge of this army. The two brothers hated each other. Two days after they got there, the war began between the two groups. After day one of the war Stefhan and men lost two-hundred men and Bradford and men lost one-hundred. So at night time Stefhan sent his best swordsmen to kill all of them while they all were sleeping.

He killed half the army. After that brutal attack at night the war was over. The rest of the men died in the battle but Bradford. He begged for his live. Lucky for him Stefhan had an Excellent morale.

Stefhan asked what would he give him if he did not kill him. Bradford replied the royal cow. Stefhan was happy and did not kill him. Later that day Stefhan and men set off for home. On the way home they ran into Athena and she gave them one more mission to accomplish.

That mission was to go back to Fairyportas and get the special weather maker for Athena. So Stefhan and men set out for Fairyportas one last time. Little did they know that Stefhans stepbrothers were there and they were mad. They were mad because they wanted to destroy Fairyportas. So Stefhan and men got to Fairyportas they stopped to go to the bathroom.

While the men were going Kevio,oldest stepbrother, and men attacked them from behind. The ones who were done ran to the bus. Forty- Five of Stefhan were killed in that brutal attack. Luckily Stefhan had the brains to get out of there as fast as possible, So they did. They stayed in nearby Pottsfordie, were Stefhan meet up with his evil brother.

Stefhan asked Bradford if he wanted to help him out. So Bradford said okay. Stefhan then called in more men to help out. Three days later the men arrived at Fairyportas and saw all caranage. Stefhan gave Twenty men to Bradford and kept the rest.

The two brothers spilted up to take on the Seprants and the Limabeans. Stefhan and men took on Kevio and men, and Bradford and men took on Crisco (younger step-brother) and men. This battle of the three groups went on for thrity days. Both Stefhan and Kevio lost a leader. Stefhan lost Bradford and Kevio lost Crisco.

Even though there leaders were dead the men still kept on fighting. At about eleven o’ clock in the morning the battle was over the only man left for the Seprants was Kevio. So Stefhan and men took the weather jug and left the town of Fairyportas. Now that they completed all the missions were over Stefhan and men went home. Ten years after the missions were completed Stefhan died at the age of 80. Stefhan would always be remember as the greatest hero in all of Henrettas.


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