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Affirmative Action

.. rities in higher education. William Forbath and Gerald Torres are not in favor of affirmative action. They to believe that it takes more away than giving good to people. While trying to make equal races between the people of today it puts one in front of the other, as if they were more important.

These students do not have the same grades as those being turned away. This is strange, why is one of lesser value allowed in while one of a stronger stature is turned away. Forbath and Torres are in favor of the 10 Percent Plan. The 10 Percent Plan provides the top ten percent of students in poor schools the opportunity to go to U.T. and other colleges. This act does not put one race above the other like affirmative action, but simply gives finical aid to the students that deserve to go to school though they cannot afford it.

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The chance to make something of themselves is given in an unfair manner. This does not put one race above the other just financial help to the less fortunate that cannot help the cards that they where dealt. Dinesh DSouza sees the need for affirmative action to play apart in the seeking of high education. It can allow a person who has not had the easiest life a chance in the world to come about. Many view a person of a different race as poor or not having moral respect as their-self to be a lesser human. Affirmative action allows each individual the right to be viewed the same, color blindness. All which is seen is their names and scores. Affirmative action allows the equal opportunity to succeed.

The misconception that people get is the success is given, not true. The opportunity to succeed is given the rest is up to the individual themselves. If they want a chance in life to succeed affirmative action is the helping stone that makes all equal as it should be. Curry too, supports the use of affirmative action playing a role in the seeking of higher education. Curry explains that though we promote and believe that everyone is equal to one another this is not true. There are those who still see one race lesser than that of themselves.

Because they are a different color or gender they are not as important or cannot do as much good in society. Affirmative action allows their color to not be viewed. For those of a lesser background to have a chance in life. Studies show that those who are without, respect and go the extra mile in the gifts in which they are given. Affirmative action allows the gift of education and minority members are proving to receive more diplomas in their classes than that of the majority members.

Affirmative action does not put a race above another but a chance to succeed for the ones that are viewed less in life. This is the land of opportunity, affirmative action gives the person the shot and what they do with it is up to them. Ben Gose argues the reasons behind affirmative actions value of race-sensitive admissions policies in selective universities for blacks. Many people believe that affirmative action playing a role in admissions acceptance for blacks to selective colleges is taking away future learned skills from others. These people believe this use of admissions unfair to the other higher scoring students.

Tests have shown that the black students perform less academically than the white students in their studies. Although what was unseen by the studies of this so called bad use of admissions is that the black students are earning more degrees. The black students, even though showing lower scores on test, are actually earning more degrees in their percentage of student body that the whites’ percentage with higher grades. What is still strange though is that the blacks with the same degrees are earning less than the whites are. It appears that no matter how much of an attempt is made to make it equal, others are out there to take back what was given. This is a losing battle not pleasing anyone. We, on the other hand, must look at it as if we do not allow this admissions to these few students who are brave enough to make an attempt to survive the racial battles of the world these people may never succeed, being held back in all aspects of life.

How is this admissions ruling unfair? Mr. Thernstorm explains how it is an unequal scale in admissions ruling. The scale on which they weigh acceptance is equal, viewed the same for all. A student at a college explains his research done. See, Timothy Maguire received a part time job in the registration office. After becoming couriers he found the admissions forms that are reviewed.

It showed that though the black race students were admitted, their scores and entrance tests were lower than that of the white students that were turned away by the college. This was at one of the top law schools in the states. If this type of admission selection is reviewed in this manner at all schools how are some students going to get in. So is this equalizer affirmative action really a tool for reverse discrimination. Thus given unfair advantages to those minority members that claim to be viewed as unequal, but by having this they are viewed as better or more important, for the college has to fill their quota ruling for having so many students in the college of a certain race. In turn rejecting the people that can make a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Fuentes sees the need for affirmative action use in college admissions. Still today people are not viewed as equals. Though our country promotes this, it is not always the case. There are many admission advisors in colleges that to do not see only one color. They view the students forms as many different races, instead of one race not letting their moral attitudes play apart in decision making. Affirmative action gives this blind look of color making all students appear the same. Fuentes tells that because of affirmative action use on many admission forms the race is not a question asked by the school.

See if the race of the individual is not on the form the person who decides whether your are accepted only sees a name. So without affirmative action playing a part in admissions many students would no chance of seeking a higher education. Education is the key to life, without it a person is nothing. This action just allows a person to be treated in the way our country promotes, “Equal.” This gives everyone the same chances in life to do better but taking the initiative to do well in them is up to the person themselves. Supporting the use of affirmative action in college admissions is shared by many people of today.

Mr. Ronald Dworkin is one of those people. He looks at the statistical side of the issue. The studies show that the minority students may score lower in graded tests for enrollment into college, the average grade in their group is higher than that of the majorities. The minority members see the grace in which they are receiving because of affirmative action and use their time wisely. Their grades are proving this to be true.

What is also unseen by the many individuals that believe this to be unfair is the lower wages the minority members are receiving in their work they schooled in. The minority work load are receiving lower salaries that their white majority members that have the same educational background. So why is affirmative action use viewed unfair in one situation, as admissions, but no matter were the other student goes to study receives higher pay for the same effort. So without affirmative action rights many people in the world today would have nothing in life. They would have no life, money, or self-worth. Affirmative action gives this to the people.

It does not give them the job, the effort still must come from the student, the chance is just there. We all know without an education, a person will get no where in life fast, affirmative action give them the chance to make a difference. The action is up to them. There are still people in the world that believe affirmative action is stealing more than what it is bringing to others. Actually, if we look at it, the so called stealing is from someone who has something to take. The gifts are for the people who do not have anything and without affirmative action can not have anything. People need to stop being greedy and start trying to give everyone a fair chance in life to succeed. They also need to stop becoming angry when they did not gain their wealth to give someone else a start.

The importance of affirmative action should now be seen and that it is necessary for the lives of many and without it would suffer. Joshua Sparks Persuasive Argumentative Aim of Affirmative Action English 1301 M. Broome 4/2/1999 Thesis: This paper will prove the argument that affirmative action is not unequally used in the world, but in actuality if it was not for it many people would have nothing. Body: I. Affirmative action is used properly and in an unfair manner not giving an unfair advantage to anyone.

1. Julie A Mertus supports the idea of affirmative action use in the work force being fair. A. German landscaper in job placement. B.

Gives an example of a male school teacher. 2. Ethan Watters strongly believes that affirmative action is unfair in the treatment it gives to all members of society. A. Women do not have the necessary physical strength to do some jobs.

B. Bosses do view employees as equals and affirmative action rights are taking the good worker away from businesses. 3. John David Skrentny supports the idea of affirmative action being a necessity. A.

It is needed to have equal views of employees. B. Minorities can perform the same tasks as majority members. II. The use of affirmative action in the government of today is needed.

1. John Skrentny sees the need for affirmative action in the government. A. Officials may not believe in affirmative action but respect it. B.

The importance is see and what it gives. 2. Stephan Thernstrom states that affirmative action has no right to play apart in the government involvement. A. Tells how affirmative action give misconceptions. B.

Explains what it actually does. 3. Curry believes in affirmative action in the government. A. Tells of people viewed differently. B. Affirmative action allows the peoples hopes and dreams to come about.

4. Joanne Barkan wants affirmative action though some changes could be made. A. Tells how some changes may need to be made. B.

Shows how without it society will fall. III. Is the use of affirmative action in the pursuit of higher education the right thing to do. 1. Ronald Dworkin wants it to play apart in the choosing. A. Explains how it is miss viewed.

B. Tells how goals now become achievable in life. 2. Forbath and Torres like others see how unfair affirmative action is. A. One race is put above the other. B.

Explains the need for the 10% Plan. 3. Dinesh DSauza sees the need for affirmative action to play its part. A. Explains how people cannot help how they are. B.

Affirmative action can give some the chance to succeed. 4. Curry supports the use of affirmative action. A. Explains on what people are seen as and what they seek. B.

Tells what affirmative action gives to them. IV. The use of Affirmative action in admissions too has its part to play in the betterment of life. 1. Ben Gose sees the true need for affirmative action use in race sensitive admissions.

A. Test that show blacks are earring lower test grades but a higher percentage of degrees. B. The white students though getting the higher scores are earring less degrees. 2.

Mr. Thernstorm views the use of affirmative action unequal. A. Gives an example of a student finding information in admission forms to prove his point. B. Shows examples of the unfair advantages minority members receive. 3.

Fuentes sees the need for affirmative action use too in admissions. A. Allows them the same opportunities in life. B. Students are viewed at racial blindness. 4. Ronald Dworkin brings support to affirmative action use. A.

The need to see people viewed the same is shown. B. The statistics to back up the majorities misconceptions of unfairness is proved.


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