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About Us

Made by grant winning teachers, is an intuitive web stage that pre-structures understudy articles with text boxes, intelligent tips and prompts, part screen forming, and a live word tally. It decreases composing uneasiness, lingering, and copyright infringement, helping understudies to compose better papers and get the exposition help they need. The whole protected stage can be tweaked and considers rubric-based input.

We are an instructive business where deep rooted learning and meticulousness are essential parts of what we do.

We have faith in the intensity of instruction to change the world.

Our fellow benefactors Dr. Lila Perdik, Dr. Victor Zubazan have since quite a while ago accepted that dominance over language is a significant equalizer.

In their aggregate long periods of educating, they perceived an issue; understudies weren’t outfitted to manage the requests of writing in schools, universities, and colleges.

Furthermore, they felt that innovation can and should help.

They had some reasonable standards advising the advancement regarding their optimal innovation to support understudies and instructors with basic reasoning and composing:

  • It would need to stick to the best expectations of scholastic uprightness.
  • It would need to be instructively stable, not gimmicky.
  • It would need to de-boost copyright infringement and cheating.
  • It would not give substance or answers to understudies, however help them.

With holding consistent with their way of thinking that structure impacts content, and that client driven advancement is critical to giving understudies and instructors what they need with regards to article composing and help, as exposition programming was conceived.

In the entirety of our utilization contextual investigations, understudies’ composing uneasiness goes down, and their certainty and grades go up!


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