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Abortion And Peace

I knew from day one that this essay was not gonna be easy.
Abortion is not an easy subject. Before I say any thing I would just like
to say that I dont think men should have a say in this at all. I am Pro-
choice. This to me, means that people should have the right to make
decisions for them selves, you know, Freedom? a right of the United
States of America. I think individuals should be responsible for their
own bodies and what they do to them selves. If they have an abortion its
their business and no one else. A woman should be able to get an
abortion with out having to be discriminated by protesters.I dont
think abortion is pretty but neither is heart surgery. I do think abortion
is bad but I think its important that we can have choices.
I have looked at it from both sides and actually I agree with both
sides. I dont know if thats good or bad but I personally think that its
good. It doesnt mean Im confused it just means both sides have their
highs and lows. I have picked pro-choice because although I dont like
abortion, I dont think we should rid (of) it completely, I dont like
smokin but I dont say lets get rid of that. There’s lots of things we dont
like but that doesnt mean they are bad or wrong. What is outrageous
to one may be civilized to others. Clearly the best
out come of this conflict would be compromise. Not a compromise to
solve the problem but a compromise to satisfy people in conflict until
further question. If we reach a compromise both sides will feel like they
are a step in the right direction.
My idea of a compromise is very simple. Many pro-lifes strongly
disagree with abortion but are willing to make an exception for raped
victims and any thing that goes along with rape.Pro-choice feel for
those people especially, I feel that pro-choice people would go for a
compromise big time. Since both sides have that sliver of agreement I
think to get an abortion you should have to pass certain requirements.
Some requirements are; proof of rape, and/or if the pregnancy will kill
the mother then an abortion will be acceptable. There will be various
other exceptions but those are the two that stand out. Of course this will
not solve the problem but it will bring us one step closer to a settlement.

I guess Im not exactly pro-choice if I agree with pro-life. As you
can see I feel a lot for both sides so I think I would like to make a new
group thats in the middle. The reasonings I gave up above (about the
requirement bit) would be our argument. By being in the middle I
think I could get enough information in my head to persuade more
people to join my middle group. Soon there will be a huge middle group
indicating that we all (in the middle) agree, there for are one team.
Joining this group
would mean that a person has met his/her compromise and is willing to
make peace. I shall call this group the compromise group the group of
peace. And who says this group will stop at abortion.

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I think peace is the best way out of a conflict that way both sides
win. Compromise means to give something up, to gain something great.
Nothing ever goes exactly the way we want it. This is an imperfect world
and it shall remain imperfect forever. Maybe a compromise would not
make things perfect, but it would make things better and most
importantly it will bring us on the same level of reasoning. Maybe the
problem, isnt the problem, maybe how were handling it is the problem.
If we were all on the same side there would be no more problem. The
answer is right in front of us.Peace.


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