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A Short Story With A Flash Back

A Short Story With A Flash Back SHORT STORY Come on Gramps, you old steam train! Yelled a voice. Calm down you rat-bag, Im old you know replied another from within the brush. A head popped out, slightly wind-beaten and worn, where ya to? he asked. There was a small rustling to the right of him, Not tellin! the voice yelled again. I got better hearin than you may think, me laddy. I know where yer too Danny! said the old man sneakily as he gently eased himself from some brambles.

There was a short silence of anticipation until finally a small boy of around 7 years old came darting out of the bushes, ha, ha, but you still cant catch me! Yer right there! muttered the old man to himself. You dont half wear me out, I tell ya! When are we going to your den Granddad? asked Danny, with the same tone as the last few times. Were nearly there replied the Grandfather. Wheres Jess? I dunno, probably in the river again Oh bugger, your Grandma int gonna be best pleased Im thinking. The Granddad then put his fingers to his mouth and let out a high-amplified whistle. The two of them stood still, awaiting some kind of movement.

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Quickly their eyes flew right to see a light brown lurcher sprint towards them with a look of desperation in her face. Come on girl! Yelled Granddad. He cuddled the dog for a long time, trying to slow them down from getting to the den. Come on Granddad, or we wont ever get there in time! Alright, just give me a moment. You alright Granddad? Yeah, just just a bit of arthritis kickin in.

Come on then. They began walking for a short time until they came across a field that squeezed between huge woodland and a large trading estate hidden behind new-planted trees and a 10-foot fence. Danny, if you look just around the corner here you might spot a small opening down the bottom. Ah, wicked! Is that where your den is? and without waiting for a reply, Danny went running off, only to disappear as expected. The old man took his time walking over, looking at the surroundings, and remembering what it was like when he was young.

Still the same little snug area hidden away from the smoky city. Here the air wasnt thick and fumy, just fresh and clean, with the spring morning crispness of the countryside. Come on Granddad, its well cool in ere! shouted an exited voice from within the bushes. The grandfather put his fist to his mouth and closed his eyes, trying to shut out the memories that were trying to fight there way into his head. Just fight it Bob, come on! he muttered to himself, Justjust go in. Slowly he began crawling down on his knees and through the brush, pulling off the brambles as they clung to his jacket.

Wicked Granddad! Can I use this den as well? asked Danny with wide eyes and the sound of excitement in his voice. Bob put on a smiling face to hide the emotions that were flooding through him. Umcourseyeah The old man lifted himself slowly to his feet, brushed himself off, and leant back to admire a forgotten memorial of his childhood. Having tried to block it out for so long, he was trying to remember his childhood again. His mouth dropped slightly and with contrasting emotions going through him a tear fell from his eye and off his cheek.

Looking around he could see everything as he had then, as if it had been untouched or all these years; The trees shot upwards around a small 10 foot by 12 foot area, leaning inwards more as they went up to cover the bare patch completely. The leaves from all sides met in the middle and let in little, but strong beams of warm, radiant springtime sunshine that scattered the ground beneath his feet. He could feel the rush and excitement, the power that this place possessed as it did when he was young. It was like rediscovering a very precious yet lost belonging. Soon he was feeling four and a half foot tall and full of energy.

The childish, adventurous feel flooded hi body from his toes all the way up to his arms and head. He had forgotten the bad memories that were trying to haunt him again. He looked down to his grandson and said, Danny, want see the tree platform we used to ave? Yeah! Replied Danny smiling. He looked up and sure enough, there it stood firm; the platform that they used to use as young boys to go and hide away in. Come on then! He said looking down at Danny with anticipation and excitement in his voice.

You first. They began climbing and Bob felt the magically adventurous feelings of a young child. As they got near the top, Bob gave his Grandson a small push to get up onto the platform before pulling himself up. Wicked! you can see all of Coventry from here! Look, is that our house over there? Probably. It all looks a little different from up here. He picked himself up to admire the view.

Breath taking. He couldnt breath it was so wonderful; from here, you used to see far across the city, to where hills met and forests grew. Now the city as all you could see under the smog that covered most of the view. It was like looking at a son and how much he had matured. From here, no one could touch you; you were invincible, with not a worry in the world.

Here, your mind cleared and your body flew. It was his own little world. A tear glistened as it ran down his warm cheek and fell to the platform. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful He murmured with a slight croak in his voice.

This is real cool Granddad! Said Danny excitedly, making his granddad jump. Well, I tell you, this used to be my hideout whenever I was in trouble with me mum; youre great Grandma! I used to come up here with a blanket and sleep under the stars. What, you mean in the night time? Oh yeah, dont you try it now though, your mother will have fits Why? Well, she might think youve been kidnapped by someone. It happens more these days, and anyway, I never used to stay up ere on me own. I was too scared for that, so me and Ronnie used to stay up ere a lot. He paused and all his wonderful thoughts dropped.

Or sometimes with Will. Cool! Exclaimed Danny, was it scary? His Granddad didnt reply, for he was deep in thought. Granddad? Repeated Danny. Hmm. Murmured Bob softly, then coming to a soberness. Sorry, what was that? Dont matter said Danny, realising his Granddad was thinking hard about something, and knew hed have trouble getting any good response from him when he was like this.

Down below could be heard the sound something moving in the bushes. They looked down, and staring back at them was Jess. Ahh, Jessie, cant you get up? Said Danny childishly. Bob felt the memories coming back. Quickly he turned to Danny and said, Come on, wed better be off. I promise to bring you back ere one day, but not nowcos of Jess. Danny carefully lowered himself down, taking a careful route with lots of branches to grab on.

His Granddad looked across once more at his world. Took a deep breath and sighed. Come on Granddad, its easy! Ill be down in a moment. He replied; sucking in another breath and closing his eyes, he could picture himself as a boy, playing soldiers with his mates. Agh! He yelled to himself, trying to block out the horrid memory that had haunted him. He turned around and began to climb down, taking a last glance at the platform.

He hastily lowered himself, trying to get away from his thoughts and memories of this place. As he quickly lowered himself from one branch to the next he managed to get his scarf stuck on some twigs. He plucked the scarf away and fell back onto an old branch; He rested his body on the branch whilst adjusting himself. Suddenly the branch cracked, He tried to grab another branch but missed it. Danny was observing from below and let out a scream that filled Bobs ears as he fell through the branches, eyes closed with fear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * Bobby! A voice called from across the field. Coming! He shouted back, Ive just gotta finish off this letter! There. BG, RR, and WA! Rightfully our property now! Hurry up will you, we need a hand here! called the voice again. Alright, alright, Im coming! Bobby replied running over the field to them. There stood a timber mill with a large fence surrounding it. There was a small dug out patch in the mud where the fence was slightly damaged and the boys had managed to crawl through.

There was a small hole just the right size for a small boy to fit through. Sure enough, on the other side were Ronald and Will, waiting with three more pieces of timber. Quick, before that old guy sees us again! Whispered Ronald, looking about frantically. Chuck it over? Asked Bobby impatiently, Quick. Now! The two boys threw over the planks one by one.

Oy! You little buggers! Come here! A chubby man wearing an overall began to run towards them Ive got ya this time aint I? The two boys quickly dropped to their feet and scrambled under the fence hole. Come on! Hes coming! Yelled Bobby! Ronald pulled himself through and rolled over to let Will through. Come on Will! The man leapt forward just as Will pulled his body through and scrambled to his feet. Ha ha! Will remarked smugly. Not quick enough.

Dont you dare come back or Ill ave all of ya! yelled the man Yer only hurtin yourselves yknow! Those are for the war effort! The boys all picked up a plank each and quickly ran off back to their den. There, all finished! Shouted Will from the new platform they had built from the planks of wood. Come on up lads! Bobby and Ronnie began to climb up the large conker tree supporting the platform. Excellent! Exclaimed Ronnie. Do you reckon well be allowed to sleep up here tonight? asked Bobby.

Possibly, replied Will. Nah, my mum reckons therell be an air raid tonight. Replied Ronald, against the thought completely. Will turned to him and laughed, Your mum reckons therell be a raid every night. We havent had one yet have we, and anyways, our air force wont let them cross the channel anyway! Were probably the best in the world! You only say that because your dads in it! Bobby remarked Yeah, so what? They all paused for a bit until Will went back to the original conversation So who wants to stay up here tonight then? I will if my ma lets me, replied Bobby What about you scaredy? Will said as he turned to Ronald.

Im not scared, I just dont want to get killed by some Nazi plane bomber. For gods sake, they would have evacuated us out of the city by now brainy. Go on Ron, Ill tell your ma your staying at my house Bobby said persuasively. Oh, alright! Yeah, exclaimed Will, and Ill say Im staying at yours Ron. And Bobby can say hes staying at mine, that way well all stay out! Ill do it, said Bobby excitedly.

I suppose so, muttered Ronald quietly. Bobby got up and began climbing down, Well, its getting late and my Ma is going to kill me if I dont get back soon, Ill see you two here later? Yup! responded Will with excitement in his voice Hmm. Ronald wasnt too keen. Evening fell and all light was almost gone. Bobby polished off the last of the apple crumble, jumped off his chair, and ran over to his bag. Can I …


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