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A research thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of Masters in Human Resource Management at Virtual University

A research thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of Masters in Human Resource Management at Virtual University. Submitted By MC 150401547 Saeed Iqbal Department of Human Resource Management Virtual University of Pakistan 27 July 2018 DEDICATION This Thesis is dedicated to my loving parents, my family and teachers for their patience as well as Motivation. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It will be a pleasure for me to acknowledge and extend a lot of thanks to my supervisor for his dedication, support, scholarly advice, useful comments, continuous encouragement, and valuable supervision and scheduled observation of my manuscripts from the initial phase to final phase of my research. Its my thinking that without his guidance and sincere efforts I would never achieve this milestone of research in my academic carrier. Last but not the least I would also send my good wishes from the core of my heart to all those persons who assist me in completing my task specially my friends. At the end, I would not forget to thank my loving parents as well as my wife as without their support in all phases of my studies things will never be possible in such a good way. TABLE OF CONTENTS Declaration 1 Dedication 2 Acknowledgement 3 Table of Contents 4 Abstract 5 Chapter I Introduction 6 Introduction of the Project 6 Research Background 7 Research Objectives 8 Significance of Research 8 Chapter II Literature Review 9 Chapter III Research Methodology 14 Chapter IV Data Analysis 21 Chapter V Conclusions 35 Chapter VI References 37ABSTRACT Job stress is caused by over burdening of tasks assigned or perceived non-conducive working environment. It has many direct and indirect impacts on mental as well as physical health. Various factors of job stress like work deadline is a primary cause of Anxiety which may often lead to depression and other psychological issues, other few factors are task failure, long working hours, managerial pressures etc. These factors cause severe impact on person health and often have indirect effects on personal lives of employees. In recent two decades, many conducted researches have reflected the link between job stress and other related elements. In Pakistan, there are two main sectors for employment i.e. Government and Private or Civil Sectors. Both have their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The theme of this research is to analyze the effects / impacts between these both sectors using a comparative method. Our methodology is to select common factors that yield job stress. In order to analyze the factors, first step of our methodology is to prepare a questionnaire based on statistically variables of selective factors. Questionnaire was distributed among various government and private employees to find impacts of variables or factors that how much they are affecting the employees. At the end, quantitative analysis of results will be carried out and graphs will be prepared which will show that which factor is producing comparatively more job stress. Results will be quantified as per the nature of job and then calculate their mean impact from 5 levels (1 Strongly Disagree 5 Strongly Agree). After examining the results by using different statistical techniques it is concluded that employees of private sectors experience more work stress than government sectors employees. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Introduction of the Project Job is a continuous process in which the workers at all level have to complete challenges in a given time period which indirectly become the cause of stress in workers. From last few years it has been noticed that stress related to job causes huge impact on the health of employees and the progress of the organization. As per the definition of Job stress the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker 1. Job stress is a source of health damages sometimes other serious incidents. Theme of job stress is often merging with another concept named as challenge, but there is a lot of difference between them. Challenge boosts the employees physically and psychologically and it promotes to create new skills to polish the jobs. As a achievement/challenge is completed as per the analysis the employees feel a huge level of comfortability. So we can say that challenge is an important factor for healthy and effective work. The challenge has exceeded into job demands that are difficult to meet, relaxation has turned to exhaustion, and a feeling of satisfaction has converted into emotions of stress. In short, the base is produced for illness, injury and job failure. Moreover, continuous job stress and overwork is enhancing the death rate, as per a recent report 1456 deaths in 2017are caused due to job stress 2. The most common diseases associated with job stress are cardiovascular, anxiety and depression. In Pakistan public and private sectors both are working parallel for progress of the country, but both sectors have their own challenges and working environment, in proposed study analysis will be carried out to identify the stress causing factors and their impacts on employees in both public as well as private sectors. Ultimately this comparative research will produce the results highlighting which work factor in each sector are causing more stress in employees, so reducing that factor can be helpful to decrease job stress. Background of the project In the recent two decades, an increase level of study is conducted to analyze the work stress and the other factors which are the source of its generation. Some are retied to Mood disturbance while other are related to sleep disturbance, Headache and upset stomach, disturbed relationship with family and acquaintances are outputs of stress related problems that are efficentto progress and are commonly observe in these domain 3. There are numerous causes of stress and many researchers have worked in this area in order to examine its root causes. Plizeir and his fellows relate uncommon working environment one of the major reasons causing stress which further produce anxiety and other diseases 4. A research made by Mehrabi explores the causes of work stress in nurses. Their stress is mainly due to the pain which they feel during patients death and the other aspect was their conflict with doctors 5. Another research conducted by Wanan elaborates that high job complexity with less job complexity also yield stress related problems in employees 5. There are many job factors which were studied during the research which produce anxiety as well as stress in employees all over the world. But in Pakistan working environment is quite different than other countries where researches have been made. Mainly in Pakistan two types of sectors are serving. One is Government sector and the other is Private sector. Both have their own SOPs and working environment. Therefore, the theme of the proposed scheme is to focus on the level of work stress in both sectors and uncover their affects. The design Questionnaire will be helpful to collect the data and this data will further lead us to some pertinent conclusions using different comparative graphs for both sectors. Objectives of the Research The thesis addresses the following research objectives- To analyze main factors which are causing job stress in employees in private sector. To analyze main factors which are causing job stress in employees in public sector. Comparative analysis of stress levels in both sectors. Highlight root cause of job stress so that it can be overcome. Significance of the Research The main motivation for this topic comes from the idea that job / work stress which is increasing day by day in Pakistan should be addressed properly in order to overcome its impacts on the employees. The factors will be uncovered and the level of stress will be determined in this research for both public and private sectors. The thesis will contribute to the human sphere as following- The research work can be extended in the same area. The Study will contribute as reference source for the upcoming scholars who intend to pursue / extend exactly same or similar technique with requisite modifications in the same field. CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1. In the proposed analysis, it has been tried to focus on the factors that cause job stress in employees. Later, a comparative survey was conducted between government and private sectors. Many researchers and scholars have already worked in the subject domain focusing on work stress and its impacts on the employees. Few related Literature Review that have been studied to conduct our research are mentioned in the ensuing paragraphs. 2.2. Daniel C. Gansterand and others 6 proposed a research observation depicting the link between work stress and professional behavior has succeeded over the recent two decades. At the very moment, physiological related stress methods have also improved significantly. The major improvement with respect to this research has been the advancement of the Allostatic Load model which act as a central theory for analyzing physiology of stress. In regard to this research article, Allostatic Load model is used as an organizing framework for reviewing the vast literature that has considered health results that are linked with Observance to psychological stressors at job place. Presented research extends to multiple fields and also covers the critical evaluation of management as well as in other domain regarding to applied psychology research, epidemiological studies, along with recent developments in biology, neuro-endocrinology, and physiology that shed light that how workplace experiences affect the well-beings. The author in this research critically review and discuss the literature within an Allostatic Load framework, with a focus on primary (e.g., tension, anxiety and hormones related to stress), secondary (e.g., body mass index, cholesterol and resting blood pressure), mediators as well as tertiary disease end points (e.g., depression, Heart Related disease, morality). Recommendations are suggestedthat how future research can show deep insight views into primary Allostatic Load processes that explain the effects of workplace experiences on mental and physical well-being. 2.3. Jaroslav Nekoranec writes an article 7 that is related to focus on the problems of stress in the workplace. The author has defined the common source of work related stress, their effects on employees mental health, performance and physical health. The author highlights the stress factors emerging from the work environment, relationships in the workplace, culture within the organization, role conflict, career advancement, work atmosphere, and balancing work and personal life. In the second part of the article some stress handling strategies are explained i.e. gaining social support, taking benefit of the programs, focusing on stress control, reduction of stress in the workplace by enhancing work environment and work organization. 2.4. Rauschenbach and others 8 proposed that the current demographic changes in many industrialized countries affect managerial decisions in various ways, and require sound knowledge of systematic age differences in central work-related variables. The research claims to address age differences in the experience or work-related stress. Based on life-span approaches, the authors focus on age differences in different components of the work-related stress method and meta-analysis. It exists in empirical studies on the relationship between age and short term indicators of work-related stress (i.e. irritation). In design / methodology approach, the authors conducted both a literature review and meta-analysis of age and indicators of work-related stress. The research exposed that age might affect various components of the stress process at work. However, as these effects are partly conflicting, they might nullify each other in the overall relation between age and stress. Indeed, the implemented meta-analysis revealed no general relation between age and irritation as a short term indicator of work-related stress. Other than that, this relationship was meaningfully moderated by type of occupation and gender. The meta-analytic results are limited to short term indicators of stress. Based on both literature reviews and the meta-analytic results, the authors present a research program for future research, including a call for more thorough research on the whole work-stress process and the integration of life-span theories. Practically results show that more differentiated understanding of age differences in different age stages of the stress process at work facilitates the implementation of age differentiated stress prevention and intervention strategies. This study is the first meta-analysis on the relationship between age and short term consequences of work-related stress. 2.5. Bonita C. Longin 9 examined that people divert mostly in their volume to take a stand against a tense condition regarding to workload, and there is, certainly, self-selection in the kind of jobs and stressors that individuals choose. As factors of stress it may change from worker to worker, providing a ultimate solution that one worker may create stress for another worker. Suppose that as an example, if the organization has provided more effect of influence over the work process, this control effect may be experienced positively by some but negatively by others. A solution to this problem may involve superseding with sections of employees that are formed based on person-environment relationships, and which contribute to the generation or reduction of stress. 2.6. Stress in the Workplace Survey Summary 10 by American Psychological Association Harris Interactive show that although the majority of employed adults are satisfied with their jobs, fewer report being satisfied with specifics such as opportunities for advancement, flexibility, and employee recognition. More than 69 percent of employed adults report they are satisfied with their job. However, less than 46 percent report being satisfied with the credit practices of their employer and only 35 percent report that they feel their employer provide sufficient opportunities for internal advancement. A figure of more than 36 percent employees said they generally feel stressed out during their working days and up to 49 percent said low salary is ultimately the cause of their work stress as this salary is not enough to fulfil their daily needs. Whereas, 20 percent reported that their stress level is at the highest scale of stress during working hours. Employees also noted that their stress is due to lack of professional growth in their office (43 percent), heavy workload (43 percent), unrealistic job expectations (40 percent) and long hours (39 percent) as main factors of stress.43 percent of employees said they receive non-financial bounties and appreciation for their contribution at work and expressing 57 percent claimed that they are fully enjoying their professional life and office environment. A number of 52 percent of peoplesaid they feel worth of their job, only two thirds majority shows that they are happy and performing their best at work place and 32 percent of employees are searching for a new job due to work stress. A two third of adult employees also reported that a annually their organization add a cut in their salaries which is a cause of job dissatisfaction. Sixty four percent of employees reported that only one cut in their pay has been conducted by the employers annually. Other financial problems which ultimately lead to work stress are the deduction in bonuses and the reduction in employees social activities also act as a source of Work stress in employees. 2.7. Ramezan Jahanian 11 work on the stress factors as stress is a activity which is most common in our life we have to face it in different domains of life. A person when call for help its mean that he is facing mental or physical torture. Most people believe that their capacity and capabilities are so little to encounter high level of stress. Now a days as we are developing in all sectors of life this progress is ultimately cost something which is somehow the health and hard work of the people. From last decades the nature of work is changing very fast for example 3 to 4 decades before all office work was manual now everything is automated. These variations are causing number of illness, human aspects are faded and new problems are occurred every day, so that we are facing job stress which called illness of the century. CHAPTER III Methodology 3.1. The methodology of the project is simple, firstly 9 factors or variables were selected and then based on this a questionnaire was designed. In this questionnaire, those factors were added which were required to measure the job stress. These variables were allocated different levels in order to measure the factors effect on employees. The questionnaire was designed in such a way that every employee can easily fill it with proper understanding. The use of questionnaire is mandatory in this research because it is a qualitative based study, so data from different sources is required in questionnaire form. After getting the desired input from both public and private sectors our next step will be the processing of data to get proper results. These results will be transformed into various graphs for each factor and sector individually, later on for comparative study we will plot the data in a combined graph showing details about factors creating work stress. Type of Research 3.2. This research is basically a qualitative research in which a survey will be performed by using a self-designed questionnaire focusing on the factors that cause job stress in selected sectors of Pakistan. Data Collection Sources 3.3. Following sources for data collection will be used- Primary data which will be used in this research will be obtained from employees through a properly designed questionnaire. Secondary source of data which will be used for studying literature from authenticated research sources i.e. science direct. 3.4. Following are the factors which are used to measure the affects- Conflict at Job Self-appraisal (How do you feel about yourself) Employment opportunities available and amount of work required. Handling problems at job place Mental demands Social support Work hazards Work load and responsibilities Future prospects of the job Data Collection Tools / Instruments 3.5. Following tools / instruments will be used- Data will be collected through designed questionnaire. For measuring effects of work stress different levels will be used. For graphical presentation of data MS Excel will be used. Subjects / Participants 3.6. The participants will be employees of selected private and government sectors, the questionnaire will be divided among employees in selected organizations. The sample size will be 100 samples from both government and private sectors. After acquiring results, mean statistical techniques will be used to measure the impact. Following are the subjects and participants of the research survey- DATA CHARTSr.noIndividual NameGenderAgeSectorOrganization NameCIV MOBILES COMPINES1Muhammad UsmanM28PriTelenor2NuzhatSaddiueF20PriUfone3Muhammad BabarM30PriJazz4Abdullah MalikM30PriTelenor5Shazia RashidF45PriNokia6Moiz HassanM25PriTelenor7FarhatNazeerF46PriNokia8Salman TariqM25PriSoftware9Ghulam NumairM36PriNokia10Namira IqbalF23PriNokia11Haseeb AhmedM32PriNokia12Haq AhsanM23PriZongSCO1Raja AsimM30PubSCO2Muhammad AbidM33PubSCO3Saad KhanM38PubSCO4Ahmed AliM45PubSCO5SaqibZakirM35PubSCO6Javed HussainM40PubSCO7Saghir AhmedM45PubSCO8Saeed AhmedM31PubSCOSazbist/ University/ School1Shahzad LatifM40PriSzabist2Said AkramM37PriUniversity AJK3Zubair AhmedM44PriSzabist4Irfan AzamM29PriSzabist5Uzma BibiF25PriSzabist6Muhammad UsmanM37PriSzabist7FarhaYunusF29PriSzabist8Aunsia KhanF35PriSzabist9M. NadeemM55PriSzabist10Sherish KhanF30PriSzabist11Maria KhanF35PriNust12Raja ShahidM36PriAli Public School13Khalid HussainM46PriJinnah College14Asad UsmanM26PriLGS15TayyabaMubashirF34PriAllied School16ChandniIrshadF24PriEducators SchoolPubUniveresity / College/ School1Burhan ZamirM35PubDegree College2Atif KhanM54PubSchool3Gul NawazM57PubSchool4Fakhar Un NisaM28PubSchool5Asghar HussainM28PubSchool6Abdul SalamM23PubHigh School7Azad KhanM23PubPunjab Univerisity8M. Gul NawazM55PubDegree College9Amjad NawazM45PubAJK University10Abdul BasitM35PubPublic School11Kashif ShahM48PubSchool12Javed HussainM52PubSchool13M. ShazadM40PubSchool14M. PervizM48PubSchool15M. MurtazaM50PubSchool16AzharHamdanM45PubSchool17M. ShabbirM53PubHigh SchoolPri Bank1Aamir AliM39PriAskari Bank2Qadeer AhmedM28PriHBL3Jameel MirzaM56PriHMB4Usman ShokatM28PriHBL5Ammar NadeemM24PriHBL6Sajid HussainM28PriMeezan Bank7Sundas AslamF27PriAlfla Bank8M. TanveerM36PriIslamik Bank9M. AbbasM25PriAskari Bank10Malik FaisalM38PriSumit Bank11Husnain AliM28PriHBLPub Bank1WajeehaRazakF26PubNBP2AsadZakiM34PubNBP3Nadia KousarF35PubNBP4Sahrish AslamF28PubNBP5Javeed KhanM42PubKhyber6Hassan KhanM25PubPunjab7WardaAsgharM25PubPunjabPri Associates1Mamar AkhtarM26PriAssociate2M. WarisM21PriAssociate3M UzairM31PriAssociate4Syed NafeesM38PriAssociate5Talha AmeenM22PriAssociate6M. MuaviaM23PriAssociate7Muhammad JavidM35PriAssociate8Usman ZubairM23PriAssociatePub Advocate1Abid KhanM40PubAdvocate2M. IshaqM50PubAdvocatePriavte Officers1M. ShoaibM30PriShoaibEntr2Usman BaigM25PriDent Dr3HinaAyoubF34PriUHRS4Rimsha KhanF23PriUHRS5M ShirazM28PriNestile6Umair FarooqM26PriGolotlo7M. Ali RanaM25Pri8Danial MajeedM24Pri9Mohsin AliM26PriLand Mark10Taqi ZaidiM30PriBAHL11Waqar Ahmed MalikM46Pri12Shabnam AliF55Pri13Ghazala RizwanF54PriTFWC14OmairShaheenM37PriBAT15M. Waqas MughalM34PriBakalaEngr16UmairAyoubM24PriAdministr17Haider MalikM26PriCharted Acct18M. Arshad HussainM26PriFast Move19Hassan AliM22PriTT Corporation20Qaiser MalikM48PriOver Seas21Syed MashoodM68PriMarketing22Muhammad AsifM39PriBlue Apple23Shahzad AliM32PriDaewoo24Sadam AhmedM24PriPub Officer1Shafqat AliM60PubFBR2Usman FareedM26PubSNGPL3Muhammad AfzalM30PubGeography Dept4M. ZuhaibM26PubPak Custom5Tahir NaqashM45PubFBR6ZeeshanJavedM28PubArmy7Midhat FatimaM22PubCMH Mzd8Abdul RahimM57PubPolice9Saicha KhanM26PubCMH Mzd10Rashida AzizF24PubCMH Mzd11Asif Nawaz KhanM39PubPak Army12Umair AslamM33PubPak Army13Hamayua NasirM26PubPak Army14Muhammad AwaisM32PubPak Army15Shahzad IqbalM55PubCMH Mzd16Mohsin KhanM31PubPak Army17Khizar NasirM27PubPMIU18Murtaza KhalidM32PubPak Army19M. AshrafM45PubPunjab Ranger20NajeebUllahM46PubPunjab Ranger21Tehseen AhmedM36PubPunjab Ranger22Tassawar HayatM33PubPunjab Ranger23Liaqat KhanM48PubPunjab RangerPri Student1Fiaz AhmedM20PriStudent2Abdul RaoofM24PriStudent3MuzhadManzoorM20PriStudent4RehamYousafM22PriStudent5Ahmed AsifM18PriStudent Figure 3.1 Target Population Field Work / Data Collection 3.7. The data collection is through specific questionnaire. In order to ensure the quality of research, survey was conducted after a brief description of questionnaire to the participants. The first domain in which research will be conducted is Telecommunication. Special Communication Organization (SCO) is a government sector in communication domain and others as a Pri communication sectors in subject domain. In this research survey it took nearly 3 weeks to properly finish the survey. Data Processing and Analysis 3.8. In this research, 5 scales were used for marking the questionnaire i.e., 1 is the lowest scale and 5 is the highest scale. After successful extraction of data, it will be categorized on following basis- Communication Sector (Pri vs Government) Education Sector (Pri vs Government) Banking Sector (Pri vs Government) General Officers (Pri vs Government) 3.9. In order to analyze the work stress effects, mean of all the above mentioned categories was calculated. The more the index is the more the effect is. At the end, overall mean of the Pri and government sectors was calculated and on the basis of overall mean, overall index was calculated to draw justified conclusions. CHAPTER IV Data Analysis 4.1. The questionnaire was designed on the basis of selective factors as mentioned earlier. The questionnaire was consisted of 33 Questions in order to measure the work stress effectively. Following is the specimen of the designed questionnaire- Figure 4.1 A Filled Questionnaire Analysis of Communication Sector 4.2. For this study the questionnaire was distributed among a government organization named SCO (Special communication Organization) Muzaffarabad. The Pri sectors of communication are mixed mobile companies i.e. Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong etc. Following is the detail of population in this domain- Targeted Pri Communication Sectors Employees 1Muhammad UsmanM28PriTelenor2NuzhatSaddiueF/M20PriUfone3Muhammad BabarM30PriJazz4Abdullah MalikM30PriTelenor5Shazia RashidF/M45PriNokia6Moiz HassanM25PriTelenor7FarhatNazeerF/M46PriNokia8Salman TariqM25PriSoftware9Ghulam NumairM36PriNokia10Namira IqbalF/M23PriNokia11Haseeb AhmedM32PriNokia12Haq AhsanM23PriZongFigure 4.2 Targeted Government Communication Sectors Employees 1Raja AsimM30PubSCO2Muhammad AbidM33PubSCO3Saad KhanM38PubSCO4Ahmed AliM45PubSCO5SaqibZakirM35PubSCO6Javed HussainM40PubSCO7Saghir AhmedM45PubSCO8Saeed AhmedM31PubSCO Figure 4.3 4.3. Based on the above mentioned survey, factor wise analysis for communication sector is as following- Factors/VariablesMeans Generated(Government)Means Generated(Pri)Conflict at Job or Work3.233.22Self-Appraisal3.063.27Employment Opportunities and amount of Work2.933.49Handling Problems at Job Place3.293.14Mental Demands4.503.58Social Support3.793.36Work Hazards2.752.72Work Load and Responsibilities3.253.72Future Prospects of the Job3.213.86 Figure 4.4 4.4. The graphical depiction of the results is as under- Figure 4.5 4.5. Following analysis can be drawn from the above results- Future prospects of jobs are better in Pri sector as compared to the government. There is more work load and responsibilities in Pri communication sector as compared to government which generates job stress. Work hazards are almost same. Government employees have more social support than Pri employees. Mental demands are higher in government sector of communication. Self-appraisal factor is better in Pri sector. Conflict factor is same at both ends. Analysis of Education Sector 4.6. The second domain in which survey was conducted is Education Sector. In this domain both Pri as well as government sectors were targeted. Details are as under- Targeted Pri Educational Sectors Employees 1Shahzad LatifM40PriSzabist2Said AkramM37PriUniverisity AJK3Zubair AhmedM44PriSzabist4Irfan AzamM29PriSzabist5Uzma BibiF/M25PriSzabist6Muhammad UsmanM37PriSzabist7FarhaYunusF/M29PriSzabist8Aunsia KhanF/M35PriSzabist9M. NadeemM55PriSzabist10Sherish KhanF/M30PriSzabist11Maria KhanF/M35PriNust12Raja ShahidM36PriAli Public School13Khalid HussainM46PriJinnah College14Asad UsmanM26PriLGS15TayyabaMubashirF/M34PriAllied School16ChandniIrshadF/M24PriEducators School Figure 4.6 Targeted Government Educational Sectors Employees 1Burhan ZamirM35PubDegree College2Atif KhanM54PubSchool3Gul NawazM57PubSchool4Fakhar Un NisaM28PubSchool5Asghar HussainM28PubSchool6Abdul SalamM23PubHigh School7Azad KhanM23PubPunjab Univerisity8M. Gul NawazM55PubDegree College9Amjad NawazM45PubAJK University10Abdul BasitM35PubPublic School11Kashif ShahM48PubSchool12Javed HussainM52PubSchool13M. ShazadM40PubSchool14M. PervizM48PubSchool15M. MurtazaM50PubSchool16AzharHamdanM45PubSchool17M. ShabbirM53PubHigh SchoolFigure 4.7 4.7. Based on the above survey, following factor wise analysis is drawn from Educational Sector- Factors/VariablesMean Calculated (Government)Means Calculated (Pri)Conflict at Job or Work2.993.36Self-Appraisal3.133.00Employment Opportunities and amount of Work3.033.04Handling Problems at Job Place2.832.67Mental Demands4.143.33Social Support3.303.00Work Hazards2.542.53Work Load and Responsibilities3.022.91Future Prospects of the Job2.812.82Figure 4.8 4.8. The graphical representation of the above analysis is as following- Figure 4.9 4.9. Following analysis can be drawn from the above results- There is a little bit more work load and responsibilities in government educational sectors as compared to Private sector. Work hazards are almost the same. Government employees have more social support than Private employees. Mental demands are higher in government sector of education. Self-appraisal factor is better in government sector of education. Banking Sector 4.10. The third domain in which survey was conducted is the banking domain in which both government and Pri sector were targeted. Details are as under- Targeted Pri Banking Sectors Employees 1Aamir AliM39PriAskari Bank2Qadeer AhmedM28PriHBL3Jameel MirzaM56PriHBL4Usman ShokatM28PriHBL5Ammar NadeemM24PriHBL6Sajid HussainM28PriMeezan Bank7Sundas AslamF/M27PriAlfla Bank8M. TanveerM36PriIslamic Bank9M. AbbasM25PriAskari Bank10Malik FaisalM38PriSumit Bank11Husnain AliM28PriHBL Figure 4.10 Targeted Government Banking Sectors Employees 1WajeehaRazakF/M26PubNBP2AsadZakiM34PubNBP3Nadia KousarF/M35PubNBP4Sahrish AslamF/M28PubNBP5Javeed KhanM42PubKhyber6Hassan KhanM25PubPunjab7WardaAsgharM25PubPunjab Figure 4.11 4.11. Based on the survey of factors, following are the factor wise analysis for banking sector- Factors/VariablesMeans Generated(Government)Means Generated(Pri)Conflict at Job or Work3.313.18Self-Appraisal3.823.36Employment Opportunities and amount of Work3.183.70Handling Problems at Job Place3.383.58Mental Demands4.144.09Social Support3.333.30Work Hazards2.433.03Work Load and Responsibilities4.193.33Future Prospects of the Job3.293.18 Figure 4.12 4.12. The graphical depiction of the results is as follows- Figure 4.13 4.13. Following analysis can be drawn from the above results- Future prospects of jobs are better in government banking sector as compared to Private. There is more work load and responsibilities in government banking sector as compared to Private which effect job stress. The Private banks employees feel more work hazard then public sector banking employees. Social support is at the same level for both the sectors. Mental demands are also same for both banking levels. Self-appraisal factor is better in government sector. Conflict factor is almost same at both ends. Combine Analysis of Government and Private Employees 4.14. In order to summarize the results, data of all the government and Private sectors were combined to calculate their mean with a view to check which sector employees are suffering more job stress. Factors/VariablesAverage Mean Private SectorsAverage Mean Government SectorConflict at Job or Work3.253.17Self-Appraisal3.213.33Employment Opportunities and amount of Work3.413.04Handling Problems at Job Place3.133.16Mental Demands3.664.26Social Support3.223.47Work Hazards2.762.57Work Load and Responsibilities3.323.48Future Prospects of the Job3.283.1Figure 4.14 4.15. The above table shows the extracted means of overall all the data of Private and government sector. In the next chapter conclusions will be drawn on the basis of this combined mean. Graphical depiction is as under- Figure 4.15 Other comparative results are also calculated by using ANOVA technique, following are the results ANOVA Single FactorSUMMARYGroupsCountSumAverageVariancePri Sectors929.243.2488890.057061Government Sector929.583.2866670.2074ANOVASource of VariationSSdfMSFP-valueF critBetween Groups0.00642210.0064220.0485680.8283614.493998Within Groups2.115689160.132231Total2.12211117 Figure 4.16 CHAPTER V CONCLUSIONS 5.1. Based on the analysis, following information has been extracted to draw some pertinent conclusions- Figure 5.1 With regards to the first factor Private employees observe better future prospect with regards to jobs. Both sectors are agreed with mean 3 that they are facing workload responsibilities which are causing job stress in employees of both sectors. Work hazard factor is available in both sectors but comparatively greater in Private sector which results in increased work stress in Private sector than government sector. Social support is an important factor to reduce workload stress. In Private sector social support is less as compared to government sector which increases work stress level. Mental demand is an important factor for the mental satisfaction of employees with his assigned tasks and work. Therefore, our analysis depicts that mental demands regarding work is better in government sector as compared to Private sector. Thus, ultimately causing more work stress in Private sector as compared to government sector. Handling problems at job place is again few indexes better in government sector as compared to Private sector, thus consequently causing more job stress in Private sector employees. Private sector employees agreed that they have more employment opportunities than government sector employees. Self-appraisal factor is less in Private sector ultimately causing more job stress. Conflict at work place is again greater in Private organizations which are root cause of work stress. 5.2. In this study nine factors, which are directly or indirectly related to job stress, have been analyzed through surveys involving various government and Private sectors. In view of the survey results and analysis, it is evident that 6 factors directly or indirectly reflect that employees of Private sectors are suffering more from job stress as compared to government sector. CHAPTER VI REFERENCES 1 Steven Sauter (1999). Stress at work. Retrieved from HYPERLINK https// 2 Death from Overwork (2016, October). HYPERLINK https// 3 Job stress and health (2016, November).HYPERLINK https// 4 JavadKhalatbaria , ShohrehGhorbanshiroudia , Mehdi Firouzbakhsha (2013) Correlation of Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Job Motivation and Burnout and Feeling Stress presented at 3rd World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance,Turkey,2015,Elsevier publishing. 5 Sharon Glazer (2017). Work Stress and Stress management. Retrieved from http// 6 Danial C ganster (1991). Work Stress and Employees health. Retrieved fromhttp// 7 Jaroslav NEKORANEC, Miroslav KMOENAFirouzbakhsha STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE SOURCES, EFFECTS AND COPING STRATEGIES Armed Forces Academy of General M. R. tefnikLiptovskMikul, Slovakia 2015 8 Cornelia RauschenbachAge and work-related stress a review and meta-analysisGermany,2014, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 9 JavadKhalatbaria , ShohrehGhorbanshiroudia , Mehdi Firouzbakhsha (2013) Correlation of Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Job Motivation and Burnout and Feeling Stress presented at 3rd World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance,Turkey,2015,Elsevier publishing. 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 11 Stress in America (2014). 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