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A Fair Chance For The Girls

“A Fair Chance for the Girls”
In this article the author Edward Clarke writes about the harmful effects of education on the sexual development and reproductive capacities of women. While reading this article I was forced to be open minded and accept every aspect of this reading in order to fully understand it. As we further discussed this article I can clearly see where these arguments would stem and by factoring in the day and the amount of technology and modern medicine I was able to better understand them.

When he talks of the Miss G. that unfortunately lost her life I can see where he could say that it could come from being educated but he really didn’t explain how this was linked to the brain. When he completed these tests he was under the impression that it wasn’t in a woman’s best interest to be educate because of the effects that it could have on the reproductive system. In this article the only piece of evidence that we see is that of the linking of the puberty stage and the brain. This however doesn’t link education and the death. It may have been more believing had he shown us more cases were this was the case.

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Although this article was not convincing to me I was still able to point out strengths and weakness and the one strength that I saw was the way he tried to draw you in by believing that by stating the effects on the reproductive system and the brain. The weakness that I found in this reading was his failure to cite more cases of this so-called “fair chance”. When I say that I mean that maybe if he could have showed us more then maybe we women} might have seen this as a fair warning that before we get to deep into the learning process we should sit down and evaluate his findings.

I really just think that if he had been around today then surely his idea about women and education would be different. Considering the amount of women that are in the workforce and succeeding in the same fields that men are he could surely see and offer an apology to the many women that he offended especially the women that are successful and have children. I have two children and I do consider my self to be very successful and after reading this article it only makes me want to go and show the few people that still think that this is true that just because you don’t have to chose between risking not having children or living comfortably.


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