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1) Potential Entrants (Threat of new entrants) – When it comes to the hotel industry there are considered to be several big hotel giants that are already in the market such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Accor, IHG etc. Therefore if a new hotel chain plans to enter the market the new entrant has to go through a lot of difficulties. Hotel Industry is all about changes in terms of services, products through technology and if a new entrant can possess technology in a unique way to sell its products or services, customers might be impressed with it and might switch in this case so there is always a threat to big chains from new entrants. An example can be seen where Ovolo Nishi formerly known as Hotel Hotel has acquired the market because of its unique ways in terms of services through technology.
Power of Buyers – Consumers, Guests actually known as buyers have the biggest power as hotels cannot make money, profits until and unless their products and services such as rooms, restaurants, bar’s etc are being used. There are considered to be millions of people that use the products/ services of IHG Hotels and therefore


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