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1. Alexander the Great had eyes of different colors. Namely, brown and blue. This rare phenomenon is called – heterochromia and occurs only in 1% of the world population.

2. Alexander had a tall face and a sharp voice.

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3. Unbelievable, but Alexander of Macedon was epileptic, just like Julius Caesar. In addition, Alexander and Julius were born in July.

4.Alexander, like his father – Philip, suffered from a scaly disorder of cervical vertebrae.

5.The king’s neck was twisted in such a way that it seemed as though he was always looking up at an angle.

6.Alexander of Macedon was not very tall by Macedonian standards, but at the same time he had a stocky and sinewy physique.

7. He had a bad beard growing, which distinguished him from the rest of the Macedonian nobility.

8. Historians around the world recognize Alexander the Great as the greatest general and conqueror in the history of mankind.

9.Alexander has not lost a single military company.

10. Tactical schemes of Alexander teach in military academies and universities all over the world and in modern times.

11. Alexander was particularly violent and impulsive in character.

12.Macedonian showed a great desire for knowledge and philosophy, and very fond of reading.

13. Thanks to his charisma and the strength of the spirit, Alexander was able to become a great leader for people.

14.Alexander studied with the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.

15. Many of the students who studied with Alexander, became his friends and generals, they were often called “Companions.”

16.Konya offered the Macedonian king Philip II a merchant from Thessaly of Philonica for 13 talents, which was a huge sum in those days. No one could tame the obstinate animal. Alexander seized the horse’s back and rode away.

17. Alexander’s father had seven wives, while Alexander himself had only three wives: Roxana, Parisathida and Statira.

18. Modern historians say that Roxanne was one of the most beautiful women in Asia. Alexander took her as his wife for love.

19. Alexander the Great had two sons: Alexander VI of Macedon (from Roxana) and Hercules of Macedon (from Barsina). Both his sons were killed before they reached adulthood.

20.Konya Alexander of Macedon called “Bucephalus,” which meant “head of a bull” or “bee-eater.” It was the faithful companion of Alexander all the way to India.

21.Alexander named more than 70 cities in honor of himself and one in honor of his horse.

22. Alexander always smelled great.

23. After the victory over the Persians, Alexander began to dress like them.

24. The cause of Alexander’s death remains one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world.

25. Alexander’s body was stored in a vat of hone


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