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1. Introduction

1. Hydrogen as energy carrier

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2. Important features of hydrogen
2.1 Flammability-
Due to its wide range of flammability from 4 to 75 % in comparison with other fuels, making use of hydrogen over a wide range of air-fuel ratio. Hydrogen combustion is possible from lean to rich condition. 1
2.2 Ignition Energy
This is a measure of ignition energy required to burn the combustible products, i.e. vapor or gas mixture. At atmospheric condition hydrogen require very low ignition energy compared to other fuels such as gasoline. It requires 1/12th of energy than gasoline. This properly helps to ignite hydrogen in very lean conditions. This low energy for combustion posses abnormal combustion such as pre-ignition and backfire. As the equivalence ratio increases the minimum energy require also increase for hydrogen fuel also. Below fig shows the effect of equivalence ratio on the minimum ignition energy requirement.
2.3 Minimum Quenching distances-
This measures the how far the flame travels closer to cylinder wall before extinguish. Hydrogen has 1/3 rd quenching distance (0.64 mm ) as compared to gasoline ( 2.00 mm).This increase tendency of flame back fire .2
2.4 High Auto ignition temperature
Hydrogen has high auto ignition temperature of 858 K .This property allows the more compression ratio can be used as


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