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1.1. Kind of Research Methodology used?

Empirical research “is additionally referred to as quantitative research. It refers to a process in terms of which data is collected and analysed. For the sake of completeness, the term “data” is usually used in scientific research for numeric or verbal information that is collected at some point of the research process. Thus, data assist in making sure that a particular process or methodology that is quality proper to investigate the subject matter is followed.”

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Qualitative research “is a form of research in which researchers make an analysis of what they see, hear and understand” . “It is aimed at collecting information about a subject matter that investigates something about human conduct that cannot be measured, such as perception, opinions, experiences, and so forth. In general, qualitative research is characterized by means of participatory research, where a researcher performs an active role in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.”

However, “quantitative research has to do with collecting information that can be measured and explained in statistical format, for example, the range of cases referred to the sexual offenses court, or young people diverted. It is more of a structured form of research due to the fact the whole thing that forms part of the research method (objectives, design, sample and measuring instruments) is programmed”.


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